Sunday, December 31, 2006

YUMMY YUMMY (Christmas Specials)

Eat and shop are the only verbs that can be used to tell my daily activities (except sleep and work) in short-not-short-and-long-not-long two months semester break. I exclude the "sleep" and "work" because both of these activities wouldn't cost me money.

I spent quite a lot during this Christmas. Therefore, my purse lost weight but i gained weight. :P

Really hard to control when there are plenty of appetizing dishes are listed and shown on the menu.

Let's eat!


Marche uses fresh market dining style to market their restaurant. You can’t expect more for the food because of its fair prices.

Fresh fruits

Fruit juices



Chicken chop

Chicken rosti- I love the rosti here because I’m a loyal fans of potato. From baked potato skin to whipped potato to potato chips……….. I just like it as it’s so yummy

Ice kacang

Ice after KACAU


Kensington is a famous western restaurant in Seremban that serves delicious food at reasonable price. Thumbs up for their crispy duck and tiramisu.

They offered Christmas Combo meals at this no-christmas-atmosphere-dead-town, Seremban.

I ordered a “Snowman Combo”.

Snowman Combo? No snow and no man.......

Baked prawn with cheese

Roast turkey with traditional ham & mushroom sauce & spicy chocolate sauce

Green mussels with salsa

Garlic bread and onion rings

The portion of this combo is quite small for 2 persons anyway.


I seldom finish a drink that I order during my lunch and dinner.

But this time, I couldn’t put it down because it was simply so irresistible. Recommend you the very “chocy” Ice Chocolate

My pizza with cheese, shrimps and smoked chicken toppings- the crust is so thin and crispy… the cheese is so many and cheesy…….. I’d say “NO” to Pizza Hut next time. Hope Pizza Uno could open up a branch in Seremban soon.

Aunt Karen’s Potato/ Patatas de tia Karen- It looks like an egg tart.

The potato, chicken and garlic are hidden in this creamy and cheesy sauce.

I found the fried potato wedges!

It's the time to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^o^

Thursday, December 21, 2006


My semester break is packed with projects, meetings and tuitions. All these busy-messy-lousy workloads make me dizzy and turn me into a withered daisy. Therefore I’m moody and sleepy. My face is always chubby and makes me think of plastic surgery. In order to motivate myself to be happy, I simply go “YUMMY YUMMY” although I’m choosy.



Avocado baked with crab meat- BUTTERY

Seafood crepes- CREAMY

3 tapas- ICY


Renowned dessert- ROSY


Broccoli cheese soup- PASTY & CHEESY

Triple play- CRISPY

Tomato sauce pasta with shredded chicken and garlic bread- SAVOURY


Kimchi Ramen- SPICY

Beancurd- VELVETY

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fashion Show at Allson Klana Resort, Seremban

Ya Hoo………

I finished my final exam eventually!!

The first event immediately after my exam was the Fashion Show at Allson Klana Resort, Seremban. This fashion show was held in conjunction with the opening of GIGGLES, a bistro in Allson Klana.

I was tired like a withered flower after finishing the killing exam in the morning and then had to rush back to Seremban for this fashion show.

After rehearsal, we put on the shiny cat-look makeup.


Cat-eyes make up with shining crystals. But my face looked 30% darker than my original skin colour. They wanted to create the "tanned" effect or they misblended the foundation? You can notice the skin colour of my neck and hand is fairer than my face.

Do we look alike?

Mei Foong's hair made her looked 4 inches higher

They permed my hair TWICE. Urghhhhhhh.....

After changing, I turned into a "green snake look" in the casual wear.

Dang dang dang dang......................

Perm-for-sexy hair. But i didn't see the difference

From left to right: Yasmine, Xiao Hui and Ken

She looked like Twins, Ah Sa with this hairstyle. Damn cute!

Dorothy and me

My dance class instructor, Rainie

The designer of Mon Chi Chi, Melvin and Mei Fong in Red Zipper Gown

Group photo of all the pretty models before the fashion show

"All models get ready, 5 more minutes!"

"Fast, you all go to the backstage now!" (Our changing room was far from the backstage and therefore we needed to run with the high heel)

"You gals go up the stage when the music starts!"

First Session

*Music starts....

*Bubbles start floating

*5, 6, 7 GO


She's wearing the Butterfly gown designed by Melvin

I like this outfit the most


"Ah Sa" in the elegant look

Wow... too many bubbles!! So you can't see my face

I looked like "Geh po auntie" with this top

Melvin's mother, the boss of Mon Chi Chi Fashion House

The hairstylist also had a chance to cat-walk on the stage

"Big Job Announced Completed" = Dai gong gou seng. So finally we can "keep stall" = Sau dong

It was damn hard for me to face the audience while doing cat-walking without my killing smile. :P

The make up spoiled my skin and the hairdo damaged my hair. But tons of photos and videos were deposited into my photos & video account and my PC is almost running out of space.

Time to delete some of my photos or to add one more hard disk drive?

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