Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Many of you go to salon and pay for the hair rebonding cuz want to get your hair free of frizz to achieve 4S (straight, soft, smooth & shiny) super star look.

But for me, I opted for hair rebonding after half-a-year-treament-non-rescuable-experiment on my waist-length long hair to tame my flyaways. I don’t know how these little flyaways breed on my head as I very-very-very seldom to tie my hair up and blow dry my hair.

One most convincing reason is …. I’m constantly lack of Vitamin M (A non-supplementary but miraculous and can’t-live-without-it Vitamin whereby everyone crave to get more and always ask for more legally or illegally to fulfil their basic needs and wants as well as to pursue excessive luxuriousness simply because human-being are greed-prone)

But disappointedly, apart from “straight” effect and 90% flyaways-free, I don’t see the rest of 4S effect apparently after hair rebonding. I should say that my hair now is tangle-prone although I apply the so called tangle-free conditioner after shampooing and smoothening serum after towel-drying my hair whereas smoothness and shine level maintains as before rebonding.

BEFORE: My hair was non-photogenic because it was always dishevelled although I applied THOUSAND times of smoothening serum. (cos I hate wax, mousse or hair spray)

AFTER: My hair is more photogenic after the flyaways being KILLED. But I still have to bear with some rarely-experienced side effect--> tangle-prone

What’s wrong with my hair? Or what’s wrong with the treatment? Why I only got 40% satisfaction after purchase of the services?


  1. Hi,

    Nice look and so sweet of you.
    Cheers..Have a nice day.

  2. Thanks. U like liver pool?
    U r kenny sia's fren?

  3. Wow she looking gorgeous with her lovely hairs. Hair Extensions & Remy Hair Extensions


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