Sunday, May 28, 2006


Yesterday, 27 May was a meaningful day for me as it was the scholarship award presentation ceremony.

You wonder why right? Please be patient and let me tell you.

I ……. was awarded as one of the SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT of Sin Chew Daily Education Fund to complete my degree in Nilai International College. Hurray & Yippee!!

Faster congratulate me, you all never think of me, as a working adult currently would quit the job soon and back to school.

This ceremony should be a very worth-expecting event but God had arranged “something” for me which made me panicky and uneasy.

When the MC announced the names of VVIP and VIP, suddenly I heard a familiar name; it was my BOSS’S FATHER and soon he walked in and sat next to Deputy Minister of MOHE.

Oh My God! I started mumbling, “Why he’s here? What I should do now? How can I avoid from seeing him when up to the stage later?”

Curious about why I was scared like seeing “GHOST”?

I actually went to the ceremony without applying leave from boss as he is still at overseas. I know I’m ill-disciplined but the unreasonable leave application process makes me frustrated to apply leave so sometime I would rather to go to clinic and get a MC from Mr. Yi (cuz he’s called “Yi Sang” in Cantonese).

I thought to get out from the hall after VVIP’s speech but the entrance door was closed. And what made my heart throbbed was……………. He was invited as one of the VIP for award presentation. I nearly got heart attack.

“Can I get a magician to change my look?” My mind was full of fancy.

“Stay calm ya” I comforted myself.

So “Do or Die”? I stagger in making decision always (especially when I choose the color of clothes). It seemed I did not have any other choices. ^_^

Students went up to the stage one by one to receive their awards. It was my turn eventually. I stepped up to the stage and he saw me as expected. His gleam of eyes told me that he was surprised. I smiled with him and received the award from Deputy Minister of MOHE.

Do you know which one is my boss's father?

Yeah! It was over. The next was the group photo session.

The effect of photo is poor and disappointed due to the limitation of my digi-cam with normal 3.0 zoom lense and this is the best from the rest.

Warm down (“Inhale ……. exhale” x 3)

The excitement was like after a roller coaster ride.

The next thing I needed to do was to get a MC from Mr. Yi as an explanation to boss on my absence to work.

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