Sunday, June 18, 2006


One day I chat with a friend on MSN. We were talking about some general issues. Then he asked me: “Do u know what is W Cup?”

“Cup” is quite sensitive for me. So in my mind has only A cup, B cup, C cup…. G cup. (G-boob Jolin?) But I don’t think she is G cup.

“Since when they have W cup? It’s a cup size or cup shape? Or it has another meaning?” I murmured with clueless face although i tried to churn my MILKY brain.

Because he is a guy, therefore I did not dare to ask him whether W cup was the cup size otherwise he would think I was indecent.

I answered him after a while of hesitation with pretense. (I’m an extremely good pretender cuz pretense is a weapon to shelter myself from being scold by client or boss after making mistakes.

(Scenario) When boss comes in and I’m chatting with friend on the phone.
(Action) Hint my friend by saying some business matters and thank him sincerely

Back to my answer to his question. “Is it a new name for drinking cup?”

He said no. Then I asked what that was actually.

“It means World Cup, girl” This was the answer prompted out on the dialog box.

Oh, pretender! You was wrong…

I admit my IQ and EQ is low and I have “ZERO” knowledge about the so called "W Cup".

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