Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Breakfast at Cool Chili

We had our breakfast at 9.30am (local time) at the apartment’s restaurant called Cool Chili.

Nice restaurant

Photo-taking session after breakfast. The breakfast was really nice.

Erawan Shrine (Four Face Buddha)

In a brand new day, we decided to go to Erawan Shrine (Four Face Buddha) which was renowned for its unbelievable efficacy. It was a sunny day. Siaw Chuen, Siok Leng and me just took photos around while waiting for the 3 big guys to pray.

I can tell you that the “Fat 3” are extremely sincere in worshipping Four Face Buddha especially my boss.

Make a wish, I’ve brought the Four Face Buddha back to you all! Hurry up, close your eyes to make a wish.

Elephants are sacred and holy in Thailand. People that have successfully reached their wishes after praying in temples will buy a man-made elephant to “return wish” to show their thankfulness and gratitude to the particular Buddha.


After worshipping Four Face Buddha, we crossed the road and entered Gaysorn, a high-end shopping complex as requested by the Head of Finance. For me, this place was a forbidden shopping complex because the prices were as high as the hair on a cat’s back. My mood was extremely dull until I didn’t want to take photos. Siaw Chuen couldn’t wait to leave this “hell-end” complex. We planned to head towards our pre-planned destination- Pratunam Grament Market if Head of Finance wanted to stay here.

This is the biggest disadvantage if you join company trip. No suggestion, no objection and no decision.

Pang always stood at my side and he voiced out our plan to the Head of Finance. Then only we could exit Gaysorn and walk towards our destination. (I would kidnap the Head of Finance if he wanted to put us in Gaysorn)


I’m now at Pratunam area…. the shopping heaven for me.

There were many stalls along the road from Gaysorn to Pratunam. Although the weather was hot, but I was exhilarated by the number of stalls and the quality items they sold. I bought some souvenirs at the stalls for my “pig-gang-dog-friends”.

Since Bangkok’s shopping was mainly for girls, the Fat-3 decided to go for body massage to relieve their tiredness. Hurray! No more disturbances from them and we could concentrate to be a shopaholic.

We decided to narrow our focus area to an air-conditioned wholesale market called Pratunam Market. (You see, I’m not greedy one)

Get ready and GO!

3 hours starting at 3pm.

This vast bazaar is packed with countless stalls and peddlers selling numerous kinds of goods.

It is an ideal place to buy fabrics and ready-to-wear clothes at low prices.

Because it’s a wholesale market, we saw many customers buying in bulk. The vendor normally quoted the wholesale price for a minimum 3pcs or 4pcs. All the skirts were sold at 190 Baht for one and wholesale price was 150 Baht for a minimum of 3 pcs. I was too excited and energized even though we still haven’t had lunch. (But I think my purse should be hungrier than me)

There were not many stalls that sold shirts. Most of them were selling either pants, dresses or skirts. There were too many choices until we lost our direction.

“Shopping is everything and it’s greater than Sky!”

Time passed too fast and we spent 3 hours here but just walked around at the first and second floor. We had to sacrifice 3rd floor, 4th floor & 5th floor.

I think this is the nicest market here coz it’s comfortable, vendors are polite, garments’ quality are extremely good and most important is you no need to waste your saliva to bargain. They sell at unbeatable low price until you won’t stop yourself from buying.

No photo-taking session cos we were 100% shopping-committed!

We wanted to stay and shop more but the Fat 3 kept chasing us to meet with them at Platinum shopping complex opposite Pratunam Market.


I was so surprised when I entered Platinum. Holy Cow! It was a wholesale market too. Wow! I almost got crazy. But my stomach made noise to protest.

I like the pink dress at the left. 370 Baht for one, retail price is just 180 Baht (Minimum 3 pcs). ^o^

Stiletto heels and round-toe heels. I wanna borrow money from Head of Finance as the shopping world here is too attractive!

My toes were tired after the shopping marathon. No more energy to find good restaurants nearby. I knew gastric was going to attack me soon. So we just cured our hunger at the food court.

Lunch at Platinum

The clinic’s name…. “The First Shark Fin”

Medicine prescribed (1)- Bird nest with ginseng (No ginseng under witness of 4 pairs of eyes + your eyes. Ginseng your ass!)

Medicine prescribed (2)- Dim Sumsssss… Drooling

Medicine prescribed (3)- Lemon Grass Spa Drink. Spa Drink? I scare I get poisoned!
Let me tell you the taste. It’s exactly same with the aroma of essential oil used for SPA. Weird!

They look gleeful but why don’t Yee comb his hair after the massage?

Pang, you need to do more exercise to keep your tummy in shape…..

After having “lunch” at 5pm, we went for dinner at 6pm. Really terrible! But i didn't gain weight after the trip.. It's too good.......... :)

Dinner at Sukhumvit

Guess what restaurant is this?

This is the famous duck rice shop located at Sukhumvit Road.

It was old and small, with many frames hanging on the wall to display the clipping of newspapers featured on its good food.

Noodles, roasted duck, “char siew”and roasted pork.

The whole meal cost us 1200 Bahts. The bitter and harsh taste noodle was 80 Bahts per bowl. It’s just like our “Hakka noodles” and of course “Hakka noodles” taste better. Don’t think old and small restaurants are cheap start from now.

This is Soi Sukhumvit

We backed to apartment to recharge ourselves before another shopping marathon. Everyone was lazy and tired and thus we only went out at about 9pm. We disembarked at MRT Station, Thailand Cultural Centre and walked towards our destinations – TESCO, Carrefour and Robinson.


I found this when we passed by the stalls along the road to TESCO….

Oh No! They sell crunchy fried insects! Blood-curling right?

Do you dare to try?

A night market is just out of the doorstep of TESCO. Low price! No bargain! Quality guaranteed! Take out your wallet!

Shop, shop and shop!

Cropped jacket …….. but it’s too big for me

The night market closed after 10pm…. Too bad. :(

Head of Finance was waiting us at Swensen’s at Robinson Department Store. So we went there to have some icy cold desserts.

Yum yum! Ice Cream with wafer and fruits.

This is a bowl of melting chocolate. Dip some ice cream and take up. The chocolate will solidify within few seconds. Cool!

Let’s take a photo before the lip-smacking ice cream melt in my mouth!

After chilling session at Swensen, we planned to go to some bars and pubs to experience Thai’s night life but unfortunately all the places of entertainment during night life were closed. They told us that the King was in hospital and therefore they closed the shops to show their respect to the King. And they told many Thai would wear special yellow T-shirts to pay respect to the King too! All at their own costs. Wow! How patriotic Thai are!

Dear all Malaysians, would you all buy a special shirt sold at RM15 or RM20 at your own initiative to show your respect to our Yang Di-Pertuan Agung?

I believe you all are definitely say no. (Including me) Our main concern when our Agung is in hospital is whether we have holiday for the next day…. Really feel ashamed compared to Thai.

So we had no nightlife and no entertainment that night. But we had special Thai cup noodles. Haha!

Minced pork flavour instant cup noodle. Good night!

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