Thursday, November 23, 2006

Masquerade Ball

This Masquerade Ball was organized by BDP and ADP club of Nilai International College. As a student of BDP, of course I wanted to support them and to experiment the fun in my first ever Masquerade Ball.

I participated in their fashion show competition as well. This fashion show had no sponsor. So we had to pay at our own for costume, make up and hairstyling. Everyone wished to be a “Super Model” so we wore as beautiful as we could.

Let’s have a peep on my outfit before I bring you to the hall.

I had my own theme for my outfit for this Masquerade Ball and it’s called “I Can Shine” in order to match with the dress as well as my oily and thus shiny face. So you can see I was like a shining star in the ball.

Masquerade Ball is about the mask………..

So let me unmask myself


Here we are! The President Hall of Nilai International College

Reuben was the judge for the fashion show. This intimate posing was actually the bribe for the title. Kidding!! You think this is the Miss Malaysia or Miss ETC. meh! My college practises unquestionable fairness to everyone


Enjoy the Fashion Show brought to you by “me”!

After the fashion show, I could eventually enjoy my fun time.

But I found the food was finished. In order to kill my hunger, I indulged myself in “photo-shooting therapy” in the biggest air-conditioned spa room with the dimmed lighting and the noisiest music.

He was my cameraman for the fashion show. Thanks him for the photos taken and blame him for missing my solo part cat-walking.

After the all the performances, they announced the winners of the fashion show.

I won the Best Dress prize. Yippie!!

I would like to express my gratitude to my super gorgeous and helpful best friend, Ringo for lending me her mother-made dress. Muacckkss…..

The Princess of the fashion show and me.

He is the “Dancing King” in my college.

The Masquerade Ball was damn bored FOR ME as I couldn’t dance and shake with my long dress and they only played the disco music. My legs hurt by the high heels and therefore I left after my “photo-shooting therapy”.

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