Friday, April 06, 2007

Say NO to Informatics

After discussing with college's Dean, we only found out that this incident was purely a misunderstanding. What they concerned were why I didn't take the LAN subjects during Diploma.

And I still can continue with what I'm doing without delay my graduation but have to take those "mafan" LAN subjects this sem and next sem.

Actually I've had taken all required LAN subjects 4 years ago when i studied in Informatics. But this going-to-close college was reluctant to produce any transcript for me because i was a student transferred from Institute Sarjana, which had merged with Informatics. Their officers' attitude were bad and just told me that they didn't have my data in their system without checking.

Poor customer service! And now who wants to study there?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Exemption Drives Me Crazy

I received a call from college's admission office an hour ago. They told me that my first year exemption in Accounting & Finance degree was INVALID because i didn't have any transcript or certificate for the LAN subjects i've had taken during my diploma course.

I was actually exempted from taking year one modules in Accounting & Finance degree and thus I entered straight into the second year of the degree program.


It's really a huge surprise for me as i'm now already in semester 5, and i'll be entering into the final year next semester. I don't really know how these officers check the requirements upon my admission into this college. I've been studying here for 7 months and only now they tell me the exemption is invalid. Were they sleeping for the past 7 months?

If they don't allow me to get the exemption, then i think i'll have to take all those subjects in year one after completing my year two modules or perhaps after the completion of my final year modules. Isn't it ridiculous? Would a restaurant serves dessert and main course first before appetizer?


I'm so helpless and desperate now.
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