Monday, December 31, 2007


I choreographed a fashion show for Chinese Language Society Night on May.

Planning this fashion show wasn’t as easy as I thought before I agreed to undertake this task.

1. I spent time on searching models (students in college are not very active and those active students asked for costume sponsorship which the society couldn’t provide)

2. Choreographing the cat-walking, (changed for hundred times due to the request of event manager, Sun. You know I don like sun as I will melt when the sunshine is so strong and it will make me scorched)

3. Selecting and editing songs (thanks Tan Sing in songs editing)

4. Teaching cat-walking (though I don’t think I’m professional enough to teach people)

5. Practicing with them for the complicated stage and down-stage walking and posing (I was also the model as we didn’t have sufficient models)

6. Coordinating and arguing with the event manager, Sun (I almost burst and yelled at him because he always demanded something which I thought was not modeling job),

6. Finding my costume and designing my outfit ^8^

Practise and rehearsal photos……….

Explaining the route to the models

Group discussion

7 hours before the show starts…. Practise, practise and practice

The seats were arranged in a 9 shape because this was the 9th anniversaries of CLS

Before the show started…..

The emcees of the night…. Sun and Shanna. They dressed in pajamas to match with the theme of this 9th anniversaries, Night’s Dreams

The touching drama started…..

The backdrop was super ugly (sorry to those committee members who spent nights to finish it, I know there were no people to help out)

I was extremely nervous. Not because of stage performance but worried that my models would make mistakes.

Most terrible thing happened before the fashion show began. The person in-charge for sound system called to backstage and said the fashion show songs were missing. Oh my god! I almost fainted. How come they can tell me no songs in their computer? Heart attack……

After 2 minutes, they got the songs finally.

The fashion show began.

Kenny and Wang Shuai (Sexy until your nose bleed)

Wah Chai and Cheryl

Ta and Sonia

Janice and me (I have no male partner)

Sia and Alicia

10 super gorgeous models


Dance performances by Unique X

Performances by CLS members

After watching some performances, all models went crazy and kept taking photos….

Even distracted some of the students and they requested to take photos with us….
Lastly, all the CLS members presented few Chinese songs and we cut the 9th anniversaries cake.

And now became the phototherapy for all committee members whose had spent months to prepare this anniversaries celebration.

Shanna and me

Lye Kwan, the organising chairman for this event

Though the anniversaries night was successfully organized, but I quarreled with Sun after one week because he did not want to recognize me as a committee member for this event. He told me that I was just qualified to be put as a “performer” in my certificate because I did not attend their meetings. WTF! After spending so much time on organizing the fashion show, he seemed do not appreciate my effort at all. If I were solely a performer, then I would not have to choreograph the whole fashion show and waste my money on calling and sms those models. He never told me what a committee member should do.

This was my first time to contribute so much in a society without getting any pay. Normally I’ll get allowance for my contributions in non governmental organizations. And this bastard did not want to recognize my effort at all. Damn angry!! Feel like being exploited.

When you start your journey at the corporate world, no one will work for free. Every one is working and doing something for their interest. World is just so cruel. Money is just SO IMPORTANT.

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