Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Let us welcome a brand new year with applause and amazing fireworks after kissing year 2008 good bye.

May you all have a blessed and auspicious New Year, where glorious moment celebrated in cheer!

Preview of my first entry for year 2009:

Don't worry, it's not Christmas post anymore. Relax ok?

I will bring you to a party where I had so much fun after working like cow for few months. Yes, it's my company's annual dinner! Be sure to visit me again if you want to see how the staffs in BDO dressed up for the annual dinner with the theme called "United Nations of BDO".

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas is OVER

I went to The Curve yesterday with a hope to take tonnes of photos with their remarkable Christmas decorations.

However, when I arrived at the main entrance, I could only see Christmas Trees without lights and the fairy-theme decorations had been demolished. So sad and disappointed.....

Why they just can't put the Christmas decor until 1st of January?

Why they want to remind me that Christmas is over?

I'm still indulging in my own Christmas dream and I'm unwilling to wake up because Christmas is just too beautiful, sweet and lovely for me.

Mid Valley's Colourful & Joyous Christmas

Times Square's Simple and Classic Christmas

Sungai Wang's Outdoor Blink-blink Christmas

The Curve's Fairyland Christmas

Ikano Power Centre's Snowy & White Christmas

Snow was everywhere on the floor. It was so beautiful.

It snowed finally in Malaysia!!!

After viewing so many Christmas decor at different shopping centres, let me show you my warm & lovely Christmas decor at House of Cheddarina.











Isn't it warm? Haha.....

You are being cheated!!!! For sure the above photos were not taken at my home.....

It was the Christmas decor on the stage of Ikano Power Centre. Cool right? I love it so much.

All activities for New Year celebration in Negeri Sembilan have been cancelled. I don't know where I should celebrate....... Sleep at home can save more money and can avoid traffic congestion. A good suggestion right?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Malaysia is so hot. In Seremban, you can hardly feel the Christmas atmosphere. And you can never find a nice place for dining except Kensington but I have tried almost all their food. Ok, I think I should forget celebrating Christmas. I hate this boring dead town!!!!

I took a lot of photos when I went to KL though their Christmas decorations are just so so. But I'm only able to upload one at the moment due to time restriction. So more photos will be coming soon.

Wish you all Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have too much dissatisfactions recently. I feel like clearing all my annual leaves and spend my time to handle things that require prompt action and those which are long overdue.

Boss, can you please grant me one week off? I need my leaves urgently in order to make myself look like a pretty human, not ugly robot. You see my to-do-list below and you will know that I can multi-task and get my things done efficiently.


1. Go shopping (I haven't bought anything for Christmas & Chinese New Year)

2. Visit slimming centre (I want to slim down!)

3. Do facial treatment (I hate my big pore size and rough skin)

4. Practise yoga (I wanna slim down, AGAIN)

5. Meet my friends (Ringo, Wei Yin, Sock Peng, Lye Kwan, Vincent..... the list is too long)

6. Clean my room (You can see long hair is everywhere when you step in my room)

7. Clear my wardrobes and shoe cabinets (My wardrobes and shoe cabinets are going to explode soon)

8. Figure out what kind of insurance suits me the best (I want to terminate my current insurance policy and opt for one that offers greater benefits)

9. Prepare annual budget for year 2009 (I do not want to overspend and end up foregoing my Japan trip)

10. Gather information on low-risk investments (I want to put my money somewhere that can generate higher return. Burberry handbag is waiting me in Japan)

11. Collect money from my debtors (I don't give credit terms ok? Please issue me a cheque as soon as possible)

Discuss with someone that made me feel so depressive as he expects me to understand him without telling me reasons

13. To be added when I have more things to do

I only need 5 days to clear this. Please.........

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My New Blog Header is Coming Soon!

I know you all are so "sien" with my blog header because you will probably scroll down fast to avoid seeing my face whenever you browse my blog. Is this the truth? I think only you will know that. Haha....

I decided to give my blog a makeover as I no longer love the nightmarish header which I simply designed 3 years ago. Perhaps I will change the colour of the blog background or the entire template to match my new header. Who knows?

I've assigned a designer to help me to design a new one and he has been working hard with my new blog header for about 2 months. I haven't seen the design of my new header so i'm so excited as you all.

Just to let you all know that it's still my blog if you see something unfamiliar and new in this month when you visit my blog. So remember not to click the red cross button on the right of the browsing window ok?

Thank you.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

United Nations Cultural Costumes

What comes into your mind when you first read the title?

If you were asked to choose a national fashion out of 192 Member States in the world, which nations and what kind of costume you will pick?

I have serious headache in choosing the appropriate and easily-available UN cultural costumes. Do you know why?

I have to dress up nicely and elegantly in one cultural costume to attend my company's annual dinner in KL. And what makes me continuously to scratch my head and stick my index finger on the mouse is ...........

I don't have any Cheongsam, baju kurung or sari. So, that's why I'm now desperately looking for a suitable and representative cultural costume.

I want to find something which is not expensive but still look classy and elegant. Do you have any recommendations?

The photos above are the costumes that catch my eyes and I'm sure that I will look super gorgeous and enchanting with one of the costumes, just like those contestants of Miss Universe. Oppss... Sorry for over-exaggerating.

But I do not know where to find this kind of costume. Can you please give me some suggestions?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Company Trip

After 6 days delay, I'm now bringing you to.................


Although I was quite disappointed when I was being informed about the location of this company trip, but I felt a bit excited when I found out that we were arranged to stay in the most expensive type of water chalet in The Legend.

Welcome everyone!

Reception counter

Let's have a peek at where I'm going to stay

The sea water was quite dirty and it was grey colour

Swimming pool

Beautiful view

It was a cloudy day

Are you prepared to explore the interior design of the water chalet?

When you open the entrance door, you can see..............

A big washroom!!!!! OMG! It's a WASHROOM! Don't expect you can have another door to welcome your guests or friends when you are enjoying the shower or the toilet facilities.

Solid glass panel for viewing the sea beneath the floor. You will feel insecure when you are naked in the washroom because swimmers can be found anytime beneath the solid glass panel.

The wash room has already occupied more than half of the room.

If you love sun-bathing, you will love this because you can open the sky-roof by pulling the string. Cool!

There is another solid glass panel in front of the bed.

Elegant balinese design

Comfy bed

A corner for those want to stay connected with their businesses or to do some writing and reading

Private balcony is a best place for you to enjoy the breeze and fresh air as well as to watch the beautiful sunset.

This water chalet has so much of uniqueness for me to explore. Come and follow me, I show you the MAGIC!

Please look at me the sea water colour in the photo

It's light blue in the evening

Sky blue

Grey in the afternoon

And green in the morning. OMG! The water colour will change according to the time. Aren't it awesome?

What's more? There's a clear glass panel for you to enjoy the beauty of the
beast bath. Don't worry, if you do not want to have this exciting and superb view, you can just close your eyes or roll down the blind.

Thus, this place is so perfect to honeymooners and couples.

As you know Port Dickson is a damn boring place if you don't like to swim in the dirty and polluted sea water, but we have lots of activities to spend our time here.

Luncheon at hotel

Eat as more as we could

My cute and nice collegues

Cam-whoring everywhere is my favourite pass time.


Making arts with the sand

Showing legs

Showing gun!!!

What was extraordinary for all the staffs in BDO Binder who joined this trip? We were on duty and had to participate in the TELEMATCH to achieve the main purpose of this this trip.

We played some games and the winning team could walk away with............ One Carlo Rino handbag for every team member. Ooppss... My mistake. The fabulous prizes were assorted
rubbish titbits (contained our favourite, M&M which was rich in melamine.... LOL) which packaged in a Carlo Rino paper bag.

Mahjong session

Poolside buffet dinner

There were too many varieties but my stomach could only store this much.

And of course some of the desserts.



Of course, how could I miss the opportunity to take photos with handsome guys?

There were about 150 staffs who joined this trip but sadly we only managed to catch Seremban staffs for the group photo session. The staffs from KL and Johor are strangers to me.

So organisers, please remember to make a session for us to know each other better for the company trip next year.

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