Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Goodbye to Nilai International University College

I'm too happy and excited to tell you all that I've already finished my final exam in my final semester in final year in Nilai International University College. This means I've unofficially graduated because the results of the exam are not released yet. I'm not a student anymore though my student ID card is still with me. With this ID card, I can always go to karaoke and pay at student fare (Hehehe).

Special thanks to Andy, Gary, Ming Yan and Tan Sing for their help and unflinching support during my studies. Arigatou Gozaimashita. Will definitely invite you all for a treat when I get my first salary after being employed. But you guys have to wait patiently because I'm quite choosy in selecting jobs. Or perhaps I should say I'm clear with what I want to achieve and thus I'm specific in applying jobs.

I'm now busy searching for my ideal jobs, attending interviews and also relaxing myself at home. Besides that, I will also blog about my trips to Taipei last year when I'm free.
Wish me good luck for my job search ok?

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