Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Beef Noodle

There are too many nice foods and snacks in Taipei. What really knocked my socks off was the beef noodle there.

Taiwanese-style beef noodles are combinations of various styles and chefs can have vastly different recipes.

Braised beef noodles

The meat was extremely soft and the soup was heavenly nice. I would give this beef noodles 9 marks out of 10. Come and try this yourself. I think you will be hooked.

Even their instant beef noodles are 100 times tastier than the all the bowl or cup noodles in Malaysia.

Just can’t believe .......

Instant beef noodle in styrofoam bowl with (opened) airtight pouch of beef meat.

The beef meat tasted nice too. Extremely delicious.

And the most unbelievable thing is ……..

I bought this beef noodles at only NT$ 48.5 for two, which is about RM2.50 for one bowl.

It’s super duper cheap!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girl

I believe most of you are aware of the first ever online model search reality show, Malaysian Dream Girl Contest. This show is nothing more than an ordinary commercialised show, just like many other shows such as Malaysian Superstar, where results are 100% dominated by SMS votes.

What a brilliant idea! People is getting busier and don’t even have time to watch TV nowadays. The organiser is damn smart. They asked Kenny Sia to be the panel of judges because they really need a good channel to promote the show.

If you don’t know what is MDG all about, then probably you will need to click
here if you are interested to know more.

The show is going to end soon but i'm no longer interested to know who is going to win the title because my best friend, Ringo was being eliminated.

Let’s look at the DREAM GIRLS in the top 3 who are going to fight for the title and prizes.



I like Adeline’s perfect face shape. She really looks good in short hair. Though her English is not that good, but model is not going to do marketing jobs rite? We all can see her improvements and why not give her a chance?


I would say Cindy has a very ordinary face (just like me). Everyone says Cindy is bitchy but I think she’s just being real. Many don’t like her because of her Aussie slang but what’s wrong with speaking good English in an English show?


Hanis looked really nice in this photo. It’s undeniable that she is the cutest and sweetest girl in the house. This charming princess has special charisma that makes everybody loves her though she speaks “rojak”.

I'm not going to vote for anyone of them. They wouldn't appreciate my votes and wouldn't share their prizes with me right?

In conclusion.................

Do not vote if you don’t really care who is going to drive back the Nissan Latio and grasp the RM10000 prepaid mastercard. Save your money and donate it to those needed. I'M SERIOUS!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

UOB Management Associate Career Forum & Assessment Centre

I was shortlisted to attend a career forum by United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) on last Friday and their assessment centre on the next day at Park Royal Hotel. The purpose of this forum was to brief us about the bank’s Management Associate Program.

UOB MA 2008 Career Forum

As what I’ve expected, more than 100 candidates were shortlisted for this career forum and the interviews. But what surprised me was the way they organised this forum. Do you know why?

1) We were not required to fill in any application form and they distributed a UOB goodie bag to every candidate.
2) Welcome drinks were served.
3) There were many UOB staffs interacting with candidates to share their experiences of working in UOB as well
as answering the questions of candidates.
4) There were staffs holding cameras and video cameras targeting all of us
5) Refreshments were served after the forum.

*Please pardon my poor quality photos because as a candidate, I was only able to snap few photos with my phone camera.

Orchid Ballroom at Park Royal Hotel

Looking for new boyfriend and girlfriend? Plenty of choices here


I was impressed by their remarkable and interesting presentations in the career forum

We were then given a passport and immigration card of UOB. The immigration card was used to fill in our details and the divisions we would like to choose.

I never expect the forum and the interviews would turn out to be so grand. This heavy and magnanimous investment proved that UOB places high value in their people in order to drive the success of the Bank.

Let me give you an overview of this program.

Management Associate Program is a 15-month program which aims to groom talents to be the future leaders of the Bank. Various type of training will be provided during the 15 months in “University of Banking” (UOB) and it includes job rotations, core training, simulation workshops and on-the-job training. After 15 months, MA will be promoted as senior officer and they have the choice to be placed in either business or support divisions of the bank.

Ok. I know most important thing you concern is the salary of the position and this was the reason why I applied for this position. What I can tell you is that, UOB pays above the industry average and the remuneration package for this position is just so attractive. In addition, UOB has a promotion scheme that clearly outlines the career progression and what surprises me is that, you can be promoted as a manager within 4 years time if your performance is good.

If you are not from accounting or finance background, don’t worry. As long as you are competent, dynamic and result-oriented, they will always welcome you to join this “Uniquely Outstanding Bank”. However, they will only have one intake for this program every year. For next intake or other vacancies, please click here.

Surely, this golden opportunity does not come by easy. All candidates have to go through four stages of selection, i.e. round one and round two assessment, online personality test and panel interview.

UOB MA 2008 Assessment Centre

We were told to arrive at Park Royal Hotel at 8am for breakfast. Yeah! UOB is just so great and rich. Not only breakfast, but they also provided lunch and high tea.

Instead of name, we were given a tag with number. The assessment started at 9.30am and ended at 6pm.

First round assessment was to examine our communication skills. So we had a breakfast assessment. Could you imagine how did they assess the candidates while we were all having breakfast outside the grand ball room? I won’t tell you. You guess…..

After breakfast assessment, all candidates were put into groups and we were given a topic and required to discuss our experiences and opinions with the assessor. Everyone was so aggressive in giving their views. I was damn lazy to fight with them actually. But for the sake of MONEY and my future, I forced myself to be aggressive as others in order to get opportunity to talk more.

Group discussion in the grand ballroom

Time for LUNCH

We were advised to eat as much as we could during lunch time because only 65 candidates would be selected to proceed to Round 2 assessment.

We had a 2-hour lunch break.

Sing Pei & Me. She looks like Sammi Cheng

Finally, it was the time to announce first round result. Everyone was so excited and nervous. Many of the candidates’ numbers were not being called to enter into the ballroom, including my number as well. Ok…. We were all waiting for their instructions to send us home.

Assessor : Don’t be sad if you are not selected because you just don’t have the competencies we are looking
for. Candidates, please come forward. How do you all feel now?
Candidates : Fine *Only a few responded*
Assessor : Please face back. Can you see the door in front? *We were facing the exit of the ballroom*
Candidates : What? We don’t see any door there.
Assessor : Welcome, candidates! You are now invited to continue with the Stage 2 assessment!
Candidates : Yeah! *Big applause*

Yeah yeah! I was shortlisted for the stage 2 assessments which comprised of two tests to examine our creativity and teamwork skill, as well as a written test and individual presentation.

The assessments were very challenging and what I benefited most was it gave me a more detailed insight of the functions of different divisions in the bank so that I can clearly know what position I want for my future application in other banks. In addition, I had so much fun during the forum and interviews because all the UOB staffs were very friendly and I get to know many new friends from different backgrounds.

P/S: I'm invited to go to the Torch Relay of 2008 Beijing Olympics at Dataran Merdeka on tomorrow 1pm. I'm kinda lazy because I hate outdoor activities during noon time. Go or not go?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vibrant Taipei- Fisherman's Wharf

Yes.... This is another post of my Taipei trip. Sorry for those who have been waiting for decades for my Hong Kong and Macau trip photos. But I hope you all can bear with me because I'm too busy for my job search in KL.

Back to the story........

Dan Shui Fisherman's Wharf is well-known for their beautiful sunset views. But we were unable to enjoy the sunset because the sun did not appear for the whole day.

The Lover Bridge

Climbing up the stairs to cross the bridge

It was windy and made my hair looked like uncombed and turned me into a housewife look

I wanna fly

I was so scared I would be blown away by the wind.

Waiting for the ferry ride at pier

The scenes were so nice. Thoroughly enjoyable.

I miss Taipei so much when posting this entry, not only their foods but also the cold and refreshing weather during winter. Living in a no-season but all-year-hot country will make me get irritated easily.

P/S: Do you want to know how did United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) recruit talents which they intend to groom as the future leaders of the Bank? I went for their extraordinary interview last week. Stay cheesed if you don't wanna miss out

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I hate complex job application process

I applied for Standard Chartered Bank's International Graduate Program at their website this afternoon. The application process was too long and perhaps I could say they are very professional in recruiting good quality graduates. As stated in their website, I have to go through four stages in order to complete the application. If I meet their requirements, I will be asked to continue for stage 3 and consequently stage 4.

After completing my personal details (Stage 1), I proceeded to the talent assessment (Stage 2). It can be called a personality test and what i needed to do was just select the sentence that best described me and state the level of agreement to their statements.

I did not know what went wrong with their website and the page loaded unusually slow. The answer selected couldn't be submitted. I lost my patience and kept refreshing the page because this test was assessed by comparing my results to the attributes they have identified and based on the time taken to complete the test. As a result, I spent about 1 hour and 20 minutes for answering their questions (without taking any break time to toilet), which was recommended to be completed within 30-45 minutes.

I sacrificed my lunch time for that test. And I was damn frustrated with their stupid and slow system because I thought that it would definitely affect my results. I was right.

After 3 hours, I received their email and this is part of the content that made me extremely unhappy and angry.

"We have reviewed your assessment and regret to inform you that your profile does not match the requirements we are looking for in our International Graduates."



I need some comfort now. I confess that I'm impatient and couldn't accept failure when I'm very confident that I can succeed. But this time it's totally different. It's their fault........

I'm going to send them an email to complaint about their slow, inefficient and problematic system, which could be the cause of failing me in the assessment.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Vibrant Taipei (Part4)

My day 3 in Taipei started with the Chinese style breakfast at hotel.

Simple but nice

Hair Salon in Taipei

Since it was too early for us to depart to Dan Shui, I decided to go to hair salon for a hairdo. Hairstyling in Taipei was really cheap and it only cost NT$ 150 for curling my waist-length straight hair.

The hair salon in Taipei offered excellent and premium services because there was one TV for every customer so you could switch to the channel you wanted without asking anyone’s permission. What’s more? Hot tea was served and handsome guys were standing beside me to style my hair.

The hairstylist was busy setting my hair and I was busy shooting for my hair

After 20 minutes….


Can you see my wavy, bouncy and sexy curls?

After styling my hair, we headed to Dan Shui for their famous old town snacks and breathtaking views.

Dan Shui station

Because my hair was too straight and thin, it looked like this after one hour.


There were a lot of souvenirs and snacks in Dan Shui old town

They even have this…..

Though the scenery here is not very nice but I’m sure you will be impressed and attracted by the snacks available here. I just couldn't stop myself from eating.

The famous “Iron Egg”. It tasted like stewed egg

Steamed cuttlefish

Grilled bird egg

Grilled octopus.

Giant-size chocolate ice cream

Very special deep fried “Oyster Dei”.

Crispy wrapping outside with some vege and oysters inside.


Do you know what the little round things inside? They are fish roes. Tickled my palate to orgasm.

Fish balls

That's my half day in Dan Shui. But I have some extra bonus for you........

Dan Shui in the evening

Dan Shui old town at night

Santa Claus

Pardon my obsolete post.
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