Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I hate complex job application process

I applied for Standard Chartered Bank's International Graduate Program at their website this afternoon. The application process was too long and perhaps I could say they are very professional in recruiting good quality graduates. As stated in their website, I have to go through four stages in order to complete the application. If I meet their requirements, I will be asked to continue for stage 3 and consequently stage 4.

After completing my personal details (Stage 1), I proceeded to the talent assessment (Stage 2). It can be called a personality test and what i needed to do was just select the sentence that best described me and state the level of agreement to their statements.

I did not know what went wrong with their website and the page loaded unusually slow. The answer selected couldn't be submitted. I lost my patience and kept refreshing the page because this test was assessed by comparing my results to the attributes they have identified and based on the time taken to complete the test. As a result, I spent about 1 hour and 20 minutes for answering their questions (without taking any break time to toilet), which was recommended to be completed within 30-45 minutes.

I sacrificed my lunch time for that test. And I was damn frustrated with their stupid and slow system because I thought that it would definitely affect my results. I was right.

After 3 hours, I received their email and this is part of the content that made me extremely unhappy and angry.

"We have reviewed your assessment and regret to inform you that your profile does not match the requirements we are looking for in our International Graduates."



I need some comfort now. I confess that I'm impatient and couldn't accept failure when I'm very confident that I can succeed. But this time it's totally different. It's their fault........

I'm going to send them an email to complaint about their slow, inefficient and problematic system, which could be the cause of failing me in the assessment.


  1. Ohhh..what a bad day!!
    why don't you do it again?

  2. Ya, maybe you can send them a complain letter to inform them about the inefficient system... Good luck ya~~~

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    hey take it easy yah. I'm sure evrything will be alrite.. most importantly is that u dun give up!


  4. I once joined AIA Graduates Entrepreneurship Program and it turn out to be insurance agent recruitment program -_-


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