Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ferris Wheel in Taipei

I went to this giant ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park during my stay in Taipei.
Sorry, I'm not in a mood to write because I'm very lazy and upset. RM900 was just being written off from my Receivables Account due to some miscommunication between my boss and me. Yes, I'm doing a free-lance job to fill my pass time rather than dawdling at home though I have only a few days to go before starting my full time job in a listed company.

Sorry mum, our vacation plan has to be postponed because I need to restructure my finance due to the unexpected loss of revenue and consistent overspending for my office wear and cosmetics. Ok, I'm a bad daughter.

Here's the photos



  1. Poor girl. Cheer up. Do the Big Mac Chant and win 10k.

  2. u look great..and nice ferris wheel !! ;)

  3. Great photos for the ferris wheel there!!! Feeling want to go!!!

  4. Wahh..so nice! Must be very fun sitting in it! (I am scared but I'm tempted to try!)


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