Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cheese More!

Just like many cheese-favouritees, cheesy delicacies are the “must-orders” whenever I dine in a restaurant, café or mamak stall. Obviously, this entry oozes out all the cheese goodness to satiate your appetite. If you are a fan of cheese, you will surely love the flavour and aroma of these creations!

Salad topped with cheese @ Pizza Uno

Cheesiest Nachos @ Vivo city cinema, Singapore

I love this nacho cheese sauce to death. Simply irresistible!

Stuffed crab with cheese @ Kensington

It tasted creamy and cheesy with a little bit of crab meat, but still a great appetizer that release a tapestry of taste in the mouth at first bite.

Mac 'n' Cheese Bites @TGI Friday’s

The golden-fried cheese balls were a blend of creamy cheese and macaroni. Served with a tantalizing marinara dip. Crispy yet cheesy!

Smoke Ham Focaccia @ Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant

The lightly toasted focaccia bread flavoured with herbs goes perfect with the mouth-watering cheese and ham in tomato paste

Double cheese speciality tako @ wow tako, Singapore

The ham and cheese tako balls topped with mayo and takoyaki sauce as well as my favourite bonito flakes. It's even better than those i tried in Taipei! Ichiban desho!

Are you hungry now?


  1. Those are really Ichiban~~

    I used to be a cheese freak...
    Anything with cheese, i'll just grab it. However, i'm quite sick of it after staying in US for few months...

    My mum's foods taste better :'(

  2. wah, cheesey party!!! I love to eat nachos with cheese too!!! Can I have some now? hehe...

  3. muahaha...
    my turn coming in to state something.... :)
    your food pictures are SUPER YUMMILICIOUSLY GOOD~!
    wow... (:

    when are you going to pack some of these for me eh?

  4. OMG my stomach is making sounds ady..

  5. Omgz.
    I feel like eating the
    creamy cheeseeeeee!
    Hope i can try it one day. ><

  6. I tried the Nachos too in GV, Vivocity. Watched Ah Long Pte there.

    I'll be you'll be hungry after reading my latest post.

  7. Ok, i m hungry now...
    R U HAPPY??!




    please? :)

  9. hihi, so nice the food, felt hungry looking at it. DO visit to my blog and leave some comments. thx.

  10. Woow!!!!!! i like cheese!!!

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