Thursday, May 01, 2008

Skincare Products

Skin cares what skincare products you put on it. So, do care your skin by using good skincare products.

I’m choosy when buying skincare products because I want to make sure that they not only work well but is also safe to use.

I’m a fan of Clinique. The main reason I love this brand so much is their fragrance-free formula. I don’t like my moisturiser and essence smells like perfume but rather to have them with some natural plant smell. Many girls would actually buy a skincare product because of their nice and pleasant scent. But do you the perfume or fragrance in your skincare products can harm your skin and also your body?

Only fragrance itself (often at the end of ingredient lists) can be composed of 30 or 40 chemicals. The study of Environmental Working Group (EWG) revealed that nearly all the chemicals contained in the cosmetics products can penetrate the skin, and some we ingest directly from our lips or hands.

Not many “counter brands” have “fragrance-free” labelled on their products.


Clinique is still not a safe brand for skincare products because it has thus far refused to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, which is a pledge to formulate products that do not use ingredients that are known or suspected to cause certain health harms within three years of signing. Not only Clinique, those billion-dollar companies such as Avon, L'Oreal, Revlon, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever also have no Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

Surprisingly, many products manufactured by the companies named above are unsafe according to EWG. From the Cosmetics Safety Database, Skindeep, I found many skincare products contain hazardous ingredients. These chemicals may harm not only the immune system, but also brain and nervous system. Other negative effects include infertility, reproductive organ cancer, birth defects and developmental delay for children.


What the heck? This means that I have to use cucumber as my eye mask?

Use egg as my facial mask?

Use fresh aloe as my moisturiser?

I believe manufacturers do not reveal all the ingredients used in making the cosmetic products due to weak labeling laws. So we do not know what they use and how they manufacture.

Then, I found something which I can hardly accept from the EWG.

"The way cosmetics companies generally use "fragrance free," it means that no fragrance has been added to make the product smell likesomething. But fragrance added to counteract the natural smell of the ingredients doesn't count. Those products, according to industry standards, can still be labeled "fragrance free."


I do not know the extent of the reliability of the information provided by EWG. But I know there are many loopholes in the regulations and the worst thing is there are very limited regulations. Though many companies claim that their products are complied with FDA regulations, but this doesn’t mean their products are safe.

I do not want fragrance-free, alcohol-free, mineral-oil-free, paraben-free, artificial-colouring-free and what-so-ever-free, I only want chemical-free and toxic-free. If possible, I want everything free can?

As consumers, we actually have no choice if we want something that can effectively whiten our skin, minimise pore size, reduce acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Only the power of chemical can deliver this kind of magic!

You want safe products? Then buy natural products that smell like raw vege.


  1. hey~!
    your english is pretty good... unless you were being sarcastic in your comment for me...


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  2. Skincare products? U are explaining well here...

    So how much u will spend on this product?

  3. After trying so many diff skincare, i think i'll switch to Clinique again...kekeke...

  4. aiks... clinique got hazardous ingredient? die lor die lor... worse come to worse, we blend oats and egg together for face mask, and camomile tea bags as eye mask... muahahaha...

  5. I use Body Shop. Don't know whether they are free from hazardous chemical.

  6. well...
    thanks for the compliment... :)
    probably, i've a decent level of english instead of good-enough-to- teach level of english. ^_^

    anywayz, thanks for dropping by from time to time


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