Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

I don’t know why all kinds of celebration must come with food. Only celebrations with food are considered celebrations?

I hope to have a special celebration without oily and fattening food so that I do not need to implement a diet plan after that. But all sorts of diet plan doesn’t seem to work well on me because I can’t control myself from eating those oily, high-calories and yet yummilicious foods.

On my birthday dinner, I decided not to order set dinner. I chose to order from the ala carte menu so that I could control my food consumption.

However, I was still unable to resist those palatable dishes and I ordered...........

Mushroom soup served with garlic bread

Extremely rich and creamy soup

Lobster baked with cheese

The most sinful dish but absolutely scrumptious

The lobster was not only fresh but also flawlessly baked in mild cheddar cheese

Extremely cheesy

Sizzling chicken chop

Served with cheese, ham and rich butter cream sauce

Grilled Codfish with Hollandaise sauce

Complemented with deep fried potato wedges and prime vegetables. The fish was grilled with minimal ingredients where its natural tender juiciness could be savoured.

Ice-blended cappuccino

This ice-blended cappuccino was topped with light whipped cream and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. But it was too sweet for me though rich in aromatic coffee scent

This served as my drink and also dessert. I’m too smart!! I purposely skipped the dessert because I didn’t want to gain 200gram weight!

It would be much appreciated if you treat me a very healthy meal such as fruits, veges, cereals and yogurt buffet. I'm a very healthy person (Ahem... ahem...). So you guys can spend your money to buy me skincare products and handbags! Wahaha…..

I want Elken’s Dr. Diet instead of all these hearty meals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could submit to our cravings and still be fit and healthy?

Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

Hey, all my dear frens! I'm back!

Let me tell you the main reason for my disappearance. I spend most of my time for my work (9 hours), travelling (6 hours) and sleep (5 hours). My office has just relocated to Batu Caves and I travel from Seremban to my office EVERYDAY by KTM, LRT and company bus temporarily. So I have only 4 hours a day to shower, have my dinner, read newspaper, do facial scrub and mask, iron my clothes and etc. Ok, I know you will think I'm crazy but i don't have choice because it's very hard (and I'm very choosy) to find a ROOM nearby my office.

I was busy shopping during weekends lately because I just couldn't resist from buying things to reward myself after working like cow.

Don't worry, I'll have more time to stay connected with you all very soon because I have a secret plan. Hehe.

I just celebrated my birthday on 27th. You all must buy me presents! (Kidding)

I only managed to have an ordinary celebration with my beloved one because I was working on that day.

My birthday cake

Ooops..... I revealed my age!

Ok la..... I shall not lie to you all

The photos below prove that I'm still alive though I'm now look like 3 years older than my actual age.

Sorry, I was too hungry because I just back from work......

To see my old-looking face, stay tuned for my next post for another celebration!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The City of Nights (Lights)

Hong Kong night view is really spectacular and amazing. The marvelous cityscape is no better seen than at the highest peak in Hong Kong Island, The Peak.

Riding the Peak Tram to The Peak was truly enjoyable. What really captured our heart was the stunning night scene that reflected the modern and ultra-dense Hong Kong city. Due to the lack of time, we had only about 40 minutes to spend at Sky Terrace. We hoped to stay longer but we had to catch the last Peak Tram before 11pm.

This is the best photo taken with my digital still camera

I love this photo very much

That's all for this entry. Sorry for the lack of update because I'm busy with work and also job search. Yes, I'm still looking for a job that offers lucrative remuneration package that allows me to travel to more places. Furthermore, I'm planning to complete my ACCA within 2 years time by part-time study. I want sponsorship from my employer for the study!!!! I feel that paying tuition fees from my own pocket is so painful as I never pay a single cent for my diploma and degree program's tuition fees because I had huge supporters for my study. Thanks to Informatics, Nilai International University College and Sin Chew Daily for awarding me the scholarships. Anyway, I had to pay the exam and affiliation fees by myself because it was all calculated in Pound Sterling which was not covered by the scholarship obtained.

Hong Kong Disneyland photos will be posted very soon. Be patient ok?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hong Kong

We stayed in a four-star hotel called
L'Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View which is conveniently located opposite the "Tian Hou" MTR station.

The hotel is very new and the room is quite big compared to other hotels. Even much more bigger than the hotel I stayed in Taipei.

Night Life in Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo on Hong Kong Island are the best places to be for a night of fun and pleasure.

Lan Kwai Fong (3 years ago)

Still a hot place for clubbing after 3 years

Upmarket bistros, jazz clubs, bars and wonderful restaurants line the streets.

Sexy ladies

Cute girls (Me and my ex-colleague)

We didn't visit any bistro, bar or pub for drinks because all of us are liquor-intolerant. Moreover, all the shops were super crowded because it was a Friday night. So, we just visited an old-shop for hot coffee and milk tea to warm ourselves in this cold night.

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