Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

Hey, all my dear frens! I'm back!

Let me tell you the main reason for my disappearance. I spend most of my time for my work (9 hours), travelling (6 hours) and sleep (5 hours). My office has just relocated to Batu Caves and I travel from Seremban to my office EVERYDAY by KTM, LRT and company bus temporarily. So I have only 4 hours a day to shower, have my dinner, read newspaper, do facial scrub and mask, iron my clothes and etc. Ok, I know you will think I'm crazy but i don't have choice because it's very hard (and I'm very choosy) to find a ROOM nearby my office.

I was busy shopping during weekends lately because I just couldn't resist from buying things to reward myself after working like cow.

Don't worry, I'll have more time to stay connected with you all very soon because I have a secret plan. Hehe.

I just celebrated my birthday on 27th. You all must buy me presents! (Kidding)

I only managed to have an ordinary celebration with my beloved one because I was working on that day.

My birthday cake

Ooops..... I revealed my age!

Ok la..... I shall not lie to you all

The photos below prove that I'm still alive though I'm now look like 3 years older than my actual age.

Sorry, I was too hungry because I just back from work......

To see my old-looking face, stay tuned for my next post for another celebration!


  1. 27 Jun is your birthday? Wow, I will remember it ya... Hehe... Will put your name in Cancer zodiac post too... hehe..

    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Wish ya all the best in all future undertakings...

  2. Carrie, I just saw your response on my cbox. Thanks for the compliments too =)

    BTW, your birthday cake looks somewhat like "Tiramisu"... and no, you don't look older than your real age.

    You must look back at the mirror again, you absolutely look one year younger, if your real age is 24.

    I am 23 and I thought we're of the same age lolz! Hope we can be friends! Thanks for replying Carrie, I almost forgot that I left you a msg, honestly!

    Keep in touch yah?!!! ~ muax!!~


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