Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gold Coast

Yes, I went to Gold Coast.


It is Gold Coast in Malaysia, called Sepang Gold Coast, which shares a same similar concept with Dubai’s THE PALM ISLAND (I'm not telling lie, I never mention I went to Gold Coast in Australia... HAHA)

Before presenting the photos of Sepang Gold Coast, you shall see how The Palm Island in Dubai looks like.

Ultimate island comforts................

So now, let me give you an overview of the development of Sepang Gold Coast.

This place is renowned for its beautiful sunset and has become a popular wedding photo-shoot location. It is targeted to become an international tourism destination comprising a waterside township, theme park, zoo, aquarium, marina, four boutique resort hotels and so on. Construction is now on progress and the estimate completion is on year 2010.

This place is not very crowded and the visitors are mainly locals staying nearby Sepang. As you can see, this place has nothing but some nice greenish landscapes, a show house, a sales office, a stage for photo shooting and a restaurant. If you wanna visit this place, I recommend you to come in the evening because I believe the sunset is very beautiful and it would be romantic for couples.

Stole this photo from their website. Hehe

Since it was too early to visit this place, but I would definitely appreciate every opportunity to camwhore to show you the current situation of this place.

Let's journey through the Sepang Gold Coast in Malaysia


Greenish environment…. A calming experience

A cloudy day

Show house was closed that day. So sad!


From the photos above, i can spot no similarities between the Sepang Gold Coast and Dubai's The Palm Island until I saw this.

The master plan of Sepang Gold Coast


Don't tell me it's just a coincidence although the palm's trunk is smaller and we have lesser fronds!

I was there to explore this future tourism spot as well as to steal some of their design concepts. I was so disappointed and I know you guys surely feel the same after seeing these photos but I'm so sorry because this is what Malaysia can have at this moment.

However, due to the fuel price hike and the subsequent increase in the construction cost and this tsunami in the construction industry may cause a slowdown for the rest of the years. I wonder whether this development can be successfully completed.

So let us wait and see ok?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Celebration (Part 3) @ ITALIANNI'S

Italianni's @ One Utama

This belated birthday dinner disappointed me because the food wasn’t up to standard. I placed quite high expectation on the food because I had given a good ratings for Italianni's after trying so many specialties and dishes during Ringo’s birthday celebration last year.

What was the best dish I had here?

It was the starter.


Served with olive oil and black vinegar

Then we had this............

Salmon Fettuccine

This salmon fettuccine did look and taste delectable and the salmon was very fresh. But the worst thing was………. the whole plate of fettuccine was too dry. Imagine you are eating dried wantan mee without sufficient soy sauce. As a result, we had to ask the waiter to add some sauce for us.

Let's look at what they recommended me to order.


Served over medley of roasted rosemary potatoes, tomatoes, wild mushrooms and a slice of garlic bread

Superbly moist and tender, the steak was grilled to perfection but I just didn’t like its taste. Maybe I’m used to eat steak that is served with sauce. It’s undeniable that as a Malaysian, we always ask for sauce when you eat. Be it chilli sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, barbeque sauce, black pepper sauce, XO sauce, creamy butter cheese sauce and so on.

One thing is never been changed since my first visit …..

Their good service.

P/S: I just back from Gold Coast. Photos will be uploaded soon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Camera

My old camera

I have been using this camera for about three years. Not only skin aging is terrible, camera aging is also very annoying as it always couldn't function properly.

I had to get a new camera because my graduation ceremony is approaching. Can't wait to know my honour classification and to receive my transcript and certificate.

I bought a new camera this evening at SenQ. Why SenQ? Because I could get extra one year warranty and also the 0% interest rate installment. I opted to easy payment scheme because my savings account's yellow light is blinking to warn me that I've poor financial control and the spending pattern should be slightly changed. Sigh......

My brand new camera

Same brand, same series, same colour, same place of origin, same battery, same memory card with my old one

Of course different model..........



Must experiment it for night shoot. Give me some tips on how to capture a clear nightview photo ok? I hate to use Photoshop to sharpen, level and despeckle as it's time consuming when I have tonnes of photos to touch up.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Boring Newspaper Headlines

I’m so fed up with all the newspapers headlines about the political bickering recently. I do not want to see and hear all those statutory declarations, private investigator, sodomy and etc. because it’s so shameful to our country.

Stop this! Political instability is unwelcome!

I don’t care the results of all these shocking issues because as the public, I think we will never know what the truth is. What I concern is the solutions to fuel price hike, not all these political backbiting which is irrelevant to me as I can’t see its importance.

Do something that can make people to have a better life. We want actions, but not the empty promises. Don’t promise us that you will cut the fuel price just to gain public confidence to vote for you as we all know that fuel prices are in the uprising trend GLOBALLY and it’s quite impossible to make such move unless you can get billion or trillion subsidies from what so ever source. Yes! Price of fuel can be further cut down if you could explore many more sources for oil and petroleum in Malaysia.

We can’t control fuel price unless you are the syndicate that speculates on oil prices and you are that powerful and willing to bring the oil prices down. Do you think speculators will sacrifice their lucrative profits for the sake of other people?

So now, what we want is a better scheme to ease the people’s burden in this gradually slowing economy under the inflationary pressure to avoid recession. Yes, I’m talking about our “excellent” public transport system. I’m so sick of it! Please make it compulsory for all the ministers to travel by public transport. Let them experience the “comfortable” ride of KTM and buses in Malaysia and let them have a nightmare! Only by doing this, a PROPER public transport system can be developed with rocket speed. Only with that, I can throw the complaints of current public transport system to the recycle bin and delete it permanently.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Birthday Celebration (Part 3)

Before I show you the photos of my third birthday celebration, I wanna shout out loud to tell everybody that
I’ve resigned from my current job as an account executive in a public listed company. Yeah! I no need to travel from Seremban to Batu Caves anymore after 11th July. This is my secret plan that I mentioned before so that I can have more time to blog and sleep.

I’m joining a chartered accountant firm as an audit associate on 14th July. Yes, the firm is going to
sponsor my ACCA study including tuition fees and examination fees. What’s more? I can even choose where I want to study. Be it Sunway College or small institution…..

Now I shall present to you another wonderful birthday celebration

It’s eat time again!

We dined in a Swiss-German restaurant called Euro Deli. This restaurant reflects a Swiss butchery in Europe with very simple decorations. They are renowned to be the “King of Sausages” and their products are available in leading supermarkets and hypermarkets such as Giant, Tesco and Jaya Jusco all over Malaysia.


Roesti Potato

Main Course

They call this
Gefuellte Bauch Rolle. I don't know how to pronounce. It means rolled stuffed pork belly in English. The sausage gave me a surprise because it was sooooooooooo nice

Gebacken Schweins Haxe- Roast pork knuckles with mushroom sauce, mashed potato and sauerkraut



Guava juice

Nothing so special about the food here. I don't really like the way they cook the pork. (Ok, i should say I don't really like to eat pork). But the must-try is their famous sausages.

Where’s my dessert?

Be patient. The best is always kept at last.

Thanks for the traffic congestion in KL. We spent an hour in the car for digestion before having the lip-smacking dessert.

This is the place I had my dessert.

Aren’t it awesome?


I forgot to bring my camera and only could snap few photos with a Nokia N78.

This sky-kissed restaurant bar is called Luna, located on the rooftop (34th floor) of the Pacific Regency Hotel in KL. The elegant fittings, state-of-the-art audio and lighting equipments offers a very romantic atmosphere because 2 sides of the bar is equipped with futon beds that allows you to lie down and enjoy the view through the large transparent windows.

But don't expect you will see breathtaking night views like Hong Kong. The buildings and skyscrapers in Malaysia are so "
kiam siap" because they only turn on the lights to the minimum. So only the richest company can make their towers shine like a star. Yes, I'm talking about the Petronas Twin Tower!

Ok. Now it’s the time to sit back, lounge and camwhore!

This is my dessert and also my birthday cake- chocolate brownies with ice-cream. Extremely delicious and it's the best when you are with your loved one

If you want to enjoy the night view or the premium liquors, wines and refreshing tropical cocktails here, please remember to make a reservation before you come. Otherwise you will get a seat facing KL Tower or some other power-saving mode buildings.

I'm going to have at least another two belated birthday celebrations. Bookmark my page if you want to see more foods and drool unstoppably. I promise there will be more surprises to come!

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