Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Celebration (Part 3) @ ITALIANNI'S

Italianni's @ One Utama

This belated birthday dinner disappointed me because the food wasn’t up to standard. I placed quite high expectation on the food because I had given a good ratings for Italianni's after trying so many specialties and dishes during Ringo’s birthday celebration last year.

What was the best dish I had here?

It was the starter.


Served with olive oil and black vinegar

Then we had this............

Salmon Fettuccine

This salmon fettuccine did look and taste delectable and the salmon was very fresh. But the worst thing was………. the whole plate of fettuccine was too dry. Imagine you are eating dried wantan mee without sufficient soy sauce. As a result, we had to ask the waiter to add some sauce for us.

Let's look at what they recommended me to order.


Served over medley of roasted rosemary potatoes, tomatoes, wild mushrooms and a slice of garlic bread

Superbly moist and tender, the steak was grilled to perfection but I just didn’t like its taste. Maybe I’m used to eat steak that is served with sauce. It’s undeniable that as a Malaysian, we always ask for sauce when you eat. Be it chilli sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, barbeque sauce, black pepper sauce, XO sauce, creamy butter cheese sauce and so on.

One thing is never been changed since my first visit …..

Their good service.

P/S: I just back from Gold Coast. Photos will be uploaded soon.


  1. I heard about this restaurant before, their service is really good as I read about the comments from friends...

    Wow, Gold Coast? I will wait for the updates then! Hehe...

  2. the food wasn’t up to standard? but i saw the photo looks so tasty...hehehe

    woow...i cant wait to see ur gold coast photos...

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