Monday, July 07, 2008

Boring Newspaper Headlines

I’m so fed up with all the newspapers headlines about the political bickering recently. I do not want to see and hear all those statutory declarations, private investigator, sodomy and etc. because it’s so shameful to our country.

Stop this! Political instability is unwelcome!

I don’t care the results of all these shocking issues because as the public, I think we will never know what the truth is. What I concern is the solutions to fuel price hike, not all these political backbiting which is irrelevant to me as I can’t see its importance.

Do something that can make people to have a better life. We want actions, but not the empty promises. Don’t promise us that you will cut the fuel price just to gain public confidence to vote for you as we all know that fuel prices are in the uprising trend GLOBALLY and it’s quite impossible to make such move unless you can get billion or trillion subsidies from what so ever source. Yes! Price of fuel can be further cut down if you could explore many more sources for oil and petroleum in Malaysia.

We can’t control fuel price unless you are the syndicate that speculates on oil prices and you are that powerful and willing to bring the oil prices down. Do you think speculators will sacrifice their lucrative profits for the sake of other people?

So now, what we want is a better scheme to ease the people’s burden in this gradually slowing economy under the inflationary pressure to avoid recession. Yes, I’m talking about our “excellent” public transport system. I’m so sick of it! Please make it compulsory for all the ministers to travel by public transport. Let them experience the “comfortable” ride of KTM and buses in Malaysia and let them have a nightmare! Only by doing this, a PROPER public transport system can be developed with rocket speed. Only with that, I can throw the complaints of current public transport system to the recycle bin and delete it permanently.


  1. Haha, that is what so called Malaysia! Kinda boring to read the headlines too!

  2. Akira: Wow.... You are super fast! I just posted this few seconds ago and you have already put your comment here.

  3. Haha, I put you inside google reader, so I can know the recent updates... Hehe ^^

  4. I got fed up with M'sia political issues as well...


    Can they really take positive action for nation's benefit instead going after one party to another.


    I better stay in US.

    P/s: Akira is really fast though!! Guess he online 24/7 :p

  5. Actually as a ordinary ppl, we should not be a weapon to politician. Now they manipulate the topic and use us as a weapon to attack each other. Similar like protes on Sunday, actually the politician oledi indirect the ordinary to one way dangerous. At this moment, everyone shoul carm down and relax.

    The international oil price shout up higher, that is a trend.

    the topic should be " anti corruption", ask BN why past 50 years nvr proper use the oil price.

    PPLshould aware, the life must going on, everyday e open our eye must face a lot of necessary things.

    But pls do not because of luxury things personally cannot afford go to blame ppl.

    Like me, although i had the income support, but i prefer public transport.

    Request Govt to rearrange the road and public transport is a major and neccessary issue.

    And dun because of Poroton want to survive and force ppl buy car , Hence, purposely create the inconvienence of public transport.

    Long term solution is priroty concern.


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