Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Graduation Ceremony

It's the time to post the photos taken during my graduation ceremony. There is a small regret as I didn't manage to take photos with my lecturers and all classmates. All lecturers left the hall after the conferment of certificates and awards while many of my classmates were disappeared after the lunch session. 0_o

However, I did my best to utilise my time to take as much photos as I could because I had already paid RM400 for the rental of my "witch-look" gown.

Boring photos.......

Here you go......

The only lecturer I found after the ceremony

Me and Wisely

Sun & me. We look like couple in this photo but I can tell you that he's definitely not my boy friend

Sia Lye Kwan & me

Xiao Jing, me & Lye Kwan

The best classmates ever

Indulging in the non-stop photo shooting

Qian Ying & me

One beautiful place behind our Starbaker Cafe

And my "bestest" friend, Ringo came & joined me. I was too happy until I threw the flowers.

Roses, roses, I love you. Ringo, ringo, I love you

We plucked the flowers in the hall.... Damn naughty

Me & Kiki

Finally I had the chance to take a decent stage photos using my camera

Ringo & Chris, thanks for coming and made my day more meaningful. Special thanks to Billy for being my cameraman for the whole day. You are the best!


  1. Congratulations! You look like a wise old owl in your robes!

  2. How come your best friend as skinny as you??
    Eat more babe :p

  3. Still, you look so good in the robe... hehe...

  4. wow~ you looks great!^^

  5. Congrate again!!! Your robes colour same as mine..haha!!!

  6. i was glad to be there as well and finally meet you :D (ringo talks about you ok! haha.. good things only!)

  7. congratulation to ur special day
    going to step into another unversity huh


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