Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dim Sum Sensations

It was a usual Sunday but I decided to make it a day for special outing. Of course KL was only my choice and this outing really delighted me as you will never find such a nice place and nice food in the boring dead town, Seremban.

Where do you guys normally go when you want to look for nice dim sum in KL?

For me, I love the dim sum in Tai Zi Heen at Prince Hotel & Residence KL. It is an award-winning chinese restaurant that offers the finest dim sum and Chinese cuisine.

If you think Ming Kok Restaurant in Seremban can satisfy your appetite, then you will love the dim sum in Tai Zi Heen to death as it tasted 100 times better than the one in Seremban. Ok, but the price of one plate of dim sum is 4 or 5 times more expensive than Ming Kok.

Impressive décor and delightful dining atmosphere

You can view the 2000-piece crystal chandelier in the dining hall at Tai Zi Heen.

The menu

So are you ready to scroll down for the CLIMAX of this post?

Please do not drool………….

Seafood congee with fresh scallops

The porridge was super duper smooth with lots of scallops inside

Dim sum and cheese lovers will definitely like this.

Pan-fried crispy beancurd tian with parmesan cheese & shrimp. Because of the words of “parmesan cheese”, I could hardly resist myself from not ordering it.

The cheese was oozing out..... Perfect combination!

Steamed rice rolls filled with fresh scallops

Can you see how big the scallop is?

Steamed beancurd skin roulade topped with sun dried scallop shreds & abalone sauce

It’s so juicy and also perfect to whet the appetite

Stop drooling ok?

Prawn mango katafi with wasabi dressing

This was the BEST amongst all dim sum that I ordered. Words to describe: Crispy, aromatic and heavenly delicious!

Chef’s signature Dish- A selection of premium dim sum that costs RM22 for a plate

Steamed chicken & shrimp dumpling filled with fresh scallop & black pepper (Siew Mai)

Steamed crystal dumpling filled with truffled shrimp (Har Kau)

Ok. Let me reveal how it looks............

Black colour Har Kau? But it tasted extremely yummy because the prawns were so big and fresh

Crispy yam puffs filled with chicken, mushroom and black pepper sauce

All the dim sum were heavenly delicious except this:

Steamed shark’s fin dumpling with prawn and vegetables

It wasn't that bad but just did not meet my expectation.

Finally, it’s dessert time. We rounded up our meal with a refreshing and zesty offering, “Mango pudding served with tangy mango sauce”. But this mango pudding still cannot beat the one I tried in Hong Kong. 0__o

And lastly, got myself posing in front of the restaurant to capture that 2000-piece crystal chandelier.

After having a hearty meal at Tai Zi Heen, I went to a bar with the most relaxing and delightful ambience called .................................. (TO BE CONTINUED)


  1. Wow, you went to a place so high class man!!!! 3 dim sum cost RM22? That is very expensive!!!!

    How about the taste?

  2. I want dim sum too!!! Will definitely have it in Vancouver BC next week!!! Kekeke...

  3. The black colour har gau is actually made from squid ink. As I've tasted here. The food there is really good.

  4. wow... nice people with nice foods! :)

  5. Oh my god !! I love the dish so much ~

  6. oh my god, i hate the dim sum, because it makes me feel so hungry now! lol~~ it looks sooo yummy...i miss dim sum =(

  7. i like your dress....:p

  8. oh goodness me i'm soooooooooooooo hungry!


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