Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Skincare Products Review

I bought quite a lot of new skincare products recently. After being a white rat in the lab for few weeks, I’m now putting my sacrifices into a research report and make a conclusion for each one that I have experimented.

ASSATA Pore Minimising Serum

RM145 @ Assata Skincare Centre

It delivers excellent results if you are the one who always squeeze your blackheads and whiteheads like me. Usually our pores will get larger after the extraction. But miracle does happen. By applying the serum after the extraction, your open pores will be minimised to pre-extraction pore size.

CONCLUSION: It’s not a perfect solution to get rid of large pores problem eternally because I found that it only delivers visible result when I apply after the extraction.


MELILEA Advanced Toning System

RM289. You can get it from all Melilea distributors.

This Advance Toning System comprises of one facial massager and one hydrating gel. Hydrating gel must be applied on clean face before you start massaging. Using the facial massager requires some techniques. Wrong techniques will not bring any adverse effects but it just can’t deliver the lifting and firming results.

According to the distributors from Melilea, this massager is good in firming, lifting and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. In addition, it can give you a more even skin tone and brighter complexion as massaging can enhance the blood circularisation.

CONCLUSION: I GAVE UP. I’ve been using this for three consecutive weeks but no visible results are obtained. I’m unsure whether I use the wrong technique or the product itself is not effective.


SUISSE PROGRAM Revitalising Eye Mask

RM189 @ Sasa

This is a cream type mask that requires you to rinse off after the application.

CONCLUSION: The result is below my expectation.



RM199 @ SASA

This is the most recommended rinse-off mask in SASA outlet. I bought this because this mask is so special. It will produce small bubbles after applying, and the bubbles will disappear slowly while the moisture is being absorbed into the skin.

CONCLUSION: It looks amazing, but after rinsing off with water, my skin has a slight tingling effect. According to the promoter in SASA, the tingling effect is due to the reaction of the ingredients when it generates more oxygen for your skin. I’m not sure whether this is true because I’m unable to see the oxygen level in my skin. So do you believe it? And please do not use if your skin is peeling as it will cause irritation or redness.


CLINIQUE Derma White Brightening Eye Cream & Eye Protector SPF 15

Two products in one price. RM135 @ all leading department stores

The Brightening Eye Cream can be used during daytime and also night time. It’s a non greasy yet smooth and hydrating cream.

Not only the face needs sun protection, the delicate eye area needs as well. The white-base cream of the eye protector is very good in covering your dark eye circles for a very natural look.

CONCLUSION: Do not expect the whitening of eye area will happen because I know that all kind of whitening products within this price range doesn’t work well. I’m just looking for hydration and eye protection.


CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (Left)
CLINIQUE All About Eyes Rich (Right)

RM160 (left) & RM130 (right) @ all leading department stores

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief- I love this hydrating cream simply because it gives my skin a smooth and velvety finish. It’s my best screensaver skin saver when I travel because it can be used as a mask. No rinse-off is required. So I just apply a thick layer of the cream and then jump into the bed without worrying what time I need to rinse or remove it.

CONCLUSION: It’s the best hydrating cream ever as it can be applied at any time under or over make up. Cool right?


CLINIQUE All About Eyes Rich
- This All About Eyes Rich is good for the dehydrating eye area. It works better than the All About Eyes, the oil-free version as it provides higher moisture level.

CONCLUSION: It’s better than any eye cream within the same price range that I used before.



  1. Hehe, I can introduce these kind of products to my gf... XD

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

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  2. Hi Chenddarina, nice blog you have.
    Being a busybody I looked at your pics and love the ones with KL's Twin Towers in background.
    Well taken photographs....and you know, my hobby is portrait photography, making women look beautiful thru my camera lens....and seeing your lovely pics...ha ha, you don't really need all that 'war paint', ha ha...just kidding.
    Can see you have lovely complexion and you sure one very attractive young lady too, ahemmmm.

    Allow me to say, if you hold a bouquet of 12 red roses infront of your mirror, you will see 13.

    You have a great week and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  3. Thanks for sharing clinique's review... I will try those once I finish my Chanel one. Sigh.. 2 more bottles to work on :'(

    Perhaps I'm brand conscious...
    I dare not try beauty brands that I never heard of (from all kind of sources) unless it's a Japan or Korea product :p

  4. i hv bought the "SUISSE PROGRAM Revitalising Eye Mask",feel soso only

    btw, i m quite interested abt the assata coz i got a big pore nose what do u think if i LONG TERM using it, does it cure?

  5. I'm trying some samples of clinique eye cream and eye gel...

    Sigh.. not working at all.. has been using for 2 weeks...

    I guess I'm taking the final step!!! Using La Mer now :'( Super duper expensive!!! Hope it works :'(

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    can u review on some whitening brands like clarins, suisse programme, nu skin triphasic white or assata, all said to work well, but we need some good review ler..
    i agree with u on some of the products u reviewed coz i hv purchased them before..emans i can trust your opinion hehe

  7. hihi...i am berlys ..
    now i hv a good look..nicely face..
    hehe..i can introduce all kind of
    products to my fren..
    very thanks for BERDYNE

  8. Anonymous4:53 PM

    hi cheddarina,
    i'm so admire how gorgeous u r & thanks for sharing ur review on dif product..
    BTW, where can i get assata skincare? it's seem so rare in the market but cleo magazine gave a very top comment on it..

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  17. Anonymous11:25 PM

    It’s not a perfect solution to get rid of large pores problem eternally because I found that it only delivers visible result when I apply after the extraction.
    some pores are always open that's why pimples occur easily since dirt and other harmful substance can easily insert in your face. And also like your eyes who are always open for dust and other harmful particles. But with good
    eye cream reviews you can avoid eye problems like soar eyes and etc..

  18. Anonymous10:29 PM

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