Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colmar Tropicale

Back to few months ago before I graduated, I went to Colmar Tropicale which is located at Berjaya Hills. Do you know that the name of Bukit Tinggi is now known as Berjaya Hills?

Happily arrived

Camwhoring around before dinner time

Here I pose!

Pose again!

Oh!!! I know you are almost fainted


Let us explore this Japanese Botanical Garden together!

I do not know what it is called but it's so special and cute.


Glorious view

The happiest time in this jungle was when I rented a kimono for non-stoppable camwhoring.

The kimono was quite big and long for me but they did have ways to make it fit for my body.

Do I look like a Japanese?

A refreshing and enjoyable walk


Rabbit Park got no rabbits?

I was so sad when I walked around in the rabbit park because I found many rabbits had wounds on their body. They didn’t jump here and there happily and didn’t like human to approach them and rather hid themselves somewhere. There must be a lot of visitors who hugged and threw the rabbits up and down so they looked so upset. I believe some brutal and violent visitors even abused the cute bunnies.

I can’t believe why this can be happened. They are too selfish. The rabbits are not born to be abused by us.

I didn’t touch any one of the bunnies because they all look so pity. I do not want to aggravate their depression level. I’m so good meh? One more strong reason for not touching the bunnies is ………............

I found the bunnies were very dirty and I was unable to tolerate with that after considering the hygiene factor.

Do you love bunnies?


  1. Wow, the photos are so nice!!! Hehe, you looks energetic and pretty in the photos too!

    Too bad, I never went to there before... Sigh~~~

  2. You are photogenic! Very pretty and sweet especially in kimono~ ^^
    Wow~ I didnt know the place is so nice until i see your photos. =) Are you having fun there?

  3. i like u wear kimono..very nice leh

  4. eehhhh i was there too!! it's nice right, but got nothing very much to do there hehe...

    nice photos wor ;)

  5. I love House Bunny :p

  6. nice place ya... me plan to visit it one of these day...

  7. lol... my friends r plannin to go berjaya hills tis wed... after seeing ur pics feel like going ler...

    btw, glad tat u r ok alr and u look nice in the kimono like jap girls. i like bunnies. when i'm small i hv 2 white rabbit haha...

  8. wah
    so syok going those places....^^
    bunnies are cute eh...but i am afraid to go near them...duno why...>_<


  9. i went to the 1st 2 places once..
    they are nice places.. :)

  10. Haven't been there yet..hopefully one day...huhuhu.

  11. Anonymous2:28 AM

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  12. Omgz...
    I nearly forget this place!
    The last time i went there was in
    year 2o01 -_-"
    Now got so many things already.

  13. Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog :) I have such similar pictures of Nkt Tinggi too, LOL, especially the waterfall. Keep on blogging, more pics too! ;)

  14. Ooops! Typo! I meant BKT.Tinggi :P

  15. Hello friend. I like these photos of you in the botanical garden especially the one you are wearing a Kimono :) Of course I love all the pictures. I like going to parks like Botanical gardens.

  16. eh, bukit tinggi known as berjaya hills already??? since when?

    you looked great in ur kimono! i didn't rent the kimono as i feel that it's too pricey though.

    p/s: this is my blog on bukit tinggi:

  17. is it expensive to stay there? how much is the kimono rental?? looked fun!

  18. DY: The hotels at Bukit tinggi is quite affordable. I rent a room for RM300.

    I forgot how much is the rental for the kimono. I think it's about RM20 - RM40.


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