Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you want to look like a celebrity?

Do you want to be featured on the magazine cover like celebrity?

Do you want to see your photo being printed on a big banner or even billboard?

Do you want to be an idol to Paris Hilton?

Do you want to have these cool photos like me?

Here's your chance!

Photofunia is a wonderful web application that helps you and me to realise our dreams. Just a few click with your mouse, you can make a huge difference! What you get is unprecedented and cool photo effects. Fast, fast, fast! Give yourself a makeover!

Let us SHINE together in this lovely and cool autumn! Where's my angle boots and scarfs? I'm so eager to see the beautiful fall foliage.

Ooppps... I forgot that Malaysia has only ONE season all year round.

Wait! Aren't we have monsoon season, durian season? We have newly added sodomy season, political parties' season, melamine season and many many more!

Ok... stop crapping! Since we have only ONE hot season in the country, I think we need only ONE additional season to make our lives more colourful. YES! I want all-year-round-everything-cheap season!!!!


  1. Hehe, you are the celebrity!!! I want signature from you!!! Hehe...

  2. Nice one, quite interesting, I lab those images, w/ uR pics, Looks like reaL, btw sis thanks for sharing the site.

  3. waaaaah! hahahaa damn cool la, but a bit perasan :P

  4. nice photos...

    i tried photofunia too.. it is so fun! :D

  5. thanks for dropping by my blog, carrie~ welcome on board! ;))

  6. hello ,idol!!haha
    thank for viewing my blog!nice to meet u!!

  7. celebrity to pose..

  8. R u the next malaysian dream girl? xD


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