Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm so sick with ANTIBIOTICS

I’m back from hospital. Thanks for all the caring comments.

This is the result. YES, there are spiral bacteria inside my stomach. I’m so depressive and sad.

These are what the doctor prescribed to KILL the spiral bacteria.

These big big and very-hard-to-swallow tablets are antibiotics that will make my mouth tasteless and bitter. I scare of the long-lasting bitterness. As a result, I need to take candies to neutralise the bitterness. Otherwise, I’ll feel like vomiting. I need to take about 10 candies during the four hours. And the antibiotics are to be taken twice a day. So I will take 20 candies a day and 140 candies a week.

It’s 140 candies, which is equivalent to my five-year candy consumption. I seldom take candies because I dislike high-sugar stuffs that will cause obesity and diabetis.

My body gets very weak after consuming these antibiotics. I just hope after one week of medication, the bacteria can go to hell so that I can say good bye to those antibiotics.


  1. Aiyaya, had so much medicines?

    Hope you can recover soon ya!

  2. i hope u feel better soon...

    take care..

  3. Which hospital did you went, girl?

    p/s: dont worry too much :) spiral bacteria is a critical disease... Just need to take care of the foods you taken...

    Get well soon ya!!!

  4. hey ichigo... sorry to hear that wei, we knew there was a problem but wah, that's not good :(

    do take care and ganbatte yea, be discipline in eating ur medicines however how hard it is!

    take care..

  5. wish u get well soon... so much medicine to eat @.@

    have enough rest... ^^

  6. Ouch.. Take care girl :)

  7. i HATE medicines... >_____<

  8. oh,i hate taking medicine too....
    hope u will get well very soon....^^


  9. oh my, those bad bacterias are causing bad effect on our stomachs. did you skip your meals, alot? take care of yourselves, carrie... don't think that medicine are bad. it was created to make us well...

  10. my dad had that spiral bacteria in his stomach too... :/
    but he ate all the medicines...
    have to wait 3 months more to have a checkup... > w <

  11. Thanks for visitng my blog...

    I very scare if i visit the doctor and they give me antibiotics...

  12. Anonymous10:57 PM

    xiaojing here~~come and see you!haha~!you have to take good care of yourself!


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