Saturday, November 22, 2008

Company Trip

After 6 days delay, I'm now bringing you to.................


Although I was quite disappointed when I was being informed about the location of this company trip, but I felt a bit excited when I found out that we were arranged to stay in the most expensive type of water chalet in The Legend.

Welcome everyone!

Reception counter

Let's have a peek at where I'm going to stay

The sea water was quite dirty and it was grey colour

Swimming pool

Beautiful view

It was a cloudy day

Are you prepared to explore the interior design of the water chalet?

When you open the entrance door, you can see..............

A big washroom!!!!! OMG! It's a WASHROOM! Don't expect you can have another door to welcome your guests or friends when you are enjoying the shower or the toilet facilities.

Solid glass panel for viewing the sea beneath the floor. You will feel insecure when you are naked in the washroom because swimmers can be found anytime beneath the solid glass panel.

The wash room has already occupied more than half of the room.

If you love sun-bathing, you will love this because you can open the sky-roof by pulling the string. Cool!

There is another solid glass panel in front of the bed.

Elegant balinese design

Comfy bed

A corner for those want to stay connected with their businesses or to do some writing and reading

Private balcony is a best place for you to enjoy the breeze and fresh air as well as to watch the beautiful sunset.

This water chalet has so much of uniqueness for me to explore. Come and follow me, I show you the MAGIC!

Please look at me the sea water colour in the photo

It's light blue in the evening

Sky blue

Grey in the afternoon

And green in the morning. OMG! The water colour will change according to the time. Aren't it awesome?

What's more? There's a clear glass panel for you to enjoy the beauty of the
beast bath. Don't worry, if you do not want to have this exciting and superb view, you can just close your eyes or roll down the blind.

Thus, this place is so perfect to honeymooners and couples.

As you know Port Dickson is a damn boring place if you don't like to swim in the dirty and polluted sea water, but we have lots of activities to spend our time here.

Luncheon at hotel

Eat as more as we could

My cute and nice collegues

Cam-whoring everywhere is my favourite pass time.


Making arts with the sand

Showing legs

Showing gun!!!

What was extraordinary for all the staffs in BDO Binder who joined this trip? We were on duty and had to participate in the TELEMATCH to achieve the main purpose of this this trip.

We played some games and the winning team could walk away with............ One Carlo Rino handbag for every team member. Ooppss... My mistake. The fabulous prizes were assorted
rubbish titbits (contained our favourite, M&M which was rich in melamine.... LOL) which packaged in a Carlo Rino paper bag.

Mahjong session

Poolside buffet dinner

There were too many varieties but my stomach could only store this much.

And of course some of the desserts.



Of course, how could I miss the opportunity to take photos with handsome guys?

There were about 150 staffs who joined this trip but sadly we only managed to catch Seremban staffs for the group photo session. The staffs from KL and Johor are strangers to me.

So organisers, please remember to make a session for us to know each other better for the company trip next year.


  1. I love the room! It is so nice! Wow, I wanna see the sea in the room!

  2. waaaaaah!! even my company trip i was too lazy to write because of this exact reason: so much things happened!!

    so beautiful photos, and looks like ur the prettiest among your colleagues *cheh wah!*

    didn't know Port Dickson still had something like this... really, really beautiful pictures there Ichigo :D

  3. Cool company trip... Bet you have fun!!! Love the hotel room a lot~~

  4. The hotel room is so nice...

  5. Totally awesome room! :) Totally awesome company trip too~

    p/s: I spotted 2 familiar faces in one of your photos! Two of them were my high school ex seniors! ;)

  6. wao!!!wat a nice place!!!never heard it before!!!
    i luv the room!!!!

    & you gal, u r so sexy & pretty!

  7. That's a wonderful room. Nice see-thru flooring. But like you, I won't feel secured with those glass flooring.

    You obviously had fun! Great day!

  8. very nice room but i kinda not like the see thorough glass at the floor in the bathroom... =p

    but the water changes according to the time sure is COOL!!!

  9. Oh~What a excited trip !! Between ... I love the room so much ...

  10. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I tried going there once but it's too expensive and way above my budget , so I ended up staing in Guoman, which is next to it. Hope to stay in this resort some day soon.

  11. Oh my! The place look so so nice! Even this is my first time on your page, but I couldn't help but viewed all the pics from first to last! Luv it! You are one adorable girl ^ ^ Nice to meet you!

  12. Owww...This place is so nice!I never been to port dickson before..and didnt know that port dickson had a nice chalet like this =D

  13. Your company so nice, always got trip.

  14. eh.. when say expensive , how expensive nia?

  15. this place really awesome, if i was there, i don think my camera memory card enough for me to snap

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