Sunday, November 30, 2008

United Nations Cultural Costumes

What comes into your mind when you first read the title?

If you were asked to choose a national fashion out of 192 Member States in the world, which nations and what kind of costume you will pick?

I have serious headache in choosing the appropriate and easily-available UN cultural costumes. Do you know why?

I have to dress up nicely and elegantly in one cultural costume to attend my company's annual dinner in KL. And what makes me continuously to scratch my head and stick my index finger on the mouse is ...........

I don't have any Cheongsam, baju kurung or sari. So, that's why I'm now desperately looking for a suitable and representative cultural costume.

I want to find something which is not expensive but still look classy and elegant. Do you have any recommendations?

The photos above are the costumes that catch my eyes and I'm sure that I will look super gorgeous and enchanting with one of the costumes, just like those contestants of Miss Universe. Oppss... Sorry for over-exaggerating.

But I do not know where to find this kind of costume. Can you please give me some suggestions?


  1. For this kind of custom made costume, you have to ask for tailor's help already...

  2. Hmm.. babe.. I hate all those cultural night or theme annual dinner in M'sia.. Wasting $$ and time...

    Good Luck to you ya!!

  3. Maybe at their own country you may found it ... I have no idea ~



    I'm sure you can find costumes in those costume rental shops okay... KL got a lot :)

    And yes la I also agree you'll definitely look super gorgeous in any one of them *roll-eyes*

  5. i like finland's... i mean the costume... =p

  6. In Msia, it would be hard to find those. My bet is on more Asian outfits. Perhaps you can buy a cheongsam, lengha (those hot ones that Bollywood actresses wear-lots in Masjid India area), or if you dont want Msian, then try the ao-dai (Vietnamese). I think you may be able to find it in Msia. Ps: Why not wear a super nice kebaya? Kebayas are always nice.

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  10. Your costume that you want to wear was really awesome and I agree that you will look gorgeous if your wear that kind of dress. Hope you will find that dress. Big thanks for sharing.


  11. gemma940107:28 PM

    what country is the first photo? im also looking for costumes but i only make it myself

  12. i have a friend who makes costumes especially for united nation.PM me on my facebook


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