Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have too much dissatisfactions recently. I feel like clearing all my annual leaves and spend my time to handle things that require prompt action and those which are long overdue.

Boss, can you please grant me one week off? I need my leaves urgently in order to make myself look like a pretty human, not ugly robot. You see my to-do-list below and you will know that I can multi-task and get my things done efficiently.


1. Go shopping (I haven't bought anything for Christmas & Chinese New Year)

2. Visit slimming centre (I want to slim down!)

3. Do facial treatment (I hate my big pore size and rough skin)

4. Practise yoga (I wanna slim down, AGAIN)

5. Meet my friends (Ringo, Wei Yin, Sock Peng, Lye Kwan, Vincent..... the list is too long)

6. Clean my room (You can see long hair is everywhere when you step in my room)

7. Clear my wardrobes and shoe cabinets (My wardrobes and shoe cabinets are going to explode soon)

8. Figure out what kind of insurance suits me the best (I want to terminate my current insurance policy and opt for one that offers greater benefits)

9. Prepare annual budget for year 2009 (I do not want to overspend and end up foregoing my Japan trip)

10. Gather information on low-risk investments (I want to put my money somewhere that can generate higher return. Burberry handbag is waiting me in Japan)

11. Collect money from my debtors (I don't give credit terms ok? Please issue me a cheque as soon as possible)

Discuss with someone that made me feel so depressive as he expects me to understand him without telling me reasons

13. To be added when I have more things to do

I only need 5 days to clear this. Please.........


  1. 5 days to clear those? Walau...

    Work hard ya..

  2. are u really that "fat"???

    i think u looks fine...

    why all girls like to be so slim...

  3. yea i think you look really fine!! somemore doing all those means less money for Japan hehe... Well, all the best in tryig to get your leave yea!

  4. same same!!!!ur wanto do list same as me!!!!
    but i really need to slim down!!!u no need!!honestly, ur body is so nice^^

  5. haha...i also want to slim down....==


  6. woah... 5 days then can slim down?
    how to do that? teach me ah!
    i wan slim down too!
    but u look greater than me wor..
    how come need to slim?

  7. hahahaha.. hilarious one.. Hoe your boss will help you to work these out :) By the way, the Blurberry handbag works well every time though :)

  8. Hmm..I think you can do it ~ Good luck .. !! Happy Winter Solstice ...


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