Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you want to look like a celebrity?

Do you want to be featured on the magazine cover like celebrity?

Do you want to see your photo being printed on a big banner or even billboard?

Do you want to be an idol to Paris Hilton?

Do you want to have these cool photos like me?

Here's your chance!

Photofunia is a wonderful web application that helps you and me to realise our dreams. Just a few click with your mouse, you can make a huge difference! What you get is unprecedented and cool photo effects. Fast, fast, fast! Give yourself a makeover!

Let us SHINE together in this lovely and cool autumn! Where's my angle boots and scarfs? I'm so eager to see the beautiful fall foliage.

Ooppps... I forgot that Malaysia has only ONE season all year round.

Wait! Aren't we have monsoon season, durian season? We have newly added sodomy season, political parties' season, melamine season and many many more!

Ok... stop crapping! Since we have only ONE hot season in the country, I think we need only ONE additional season to make our lives more colourful. YES! I want all-year-round-everything-cheap season!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nude Vain photos

Hi everyone! Just want to share some of my recent photos with you all.

Don't be surprised. It's a private collection of my nude vain photos!

You may scroll down now......


















How? Did viewing my photos make your day brighter and happier?

Pardon me for this cold joke. I know the answer is not.

But can you please comfort me? Be it a fake or sincere one because I urgently need comfort to motivate myself. Do you know why?

Let me tell you the reason why I'm so upset.

I gained 4kg weight!!! (As you can see from the photos) And it's due to the gastritis which always causes hunger that necessitate frequent meals to avoid the production of excessive gastric acid.

WTF! 4kg! It broke my book of records. I can hardly believe it. People is not using the word "skinny" to describe me anymore. If your heart got problem, you can do heart transplantation. How about stomach? I want to do stomach transplantation can?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colmar Tropicale

Back to few months ago before I graduated, I went to Colmar Tropicale which is located at Berjaya Hills. Do you know that the name of Bukit Tinggi is now known as Berjaya Hills?

Happily arrived

Camwhoring around before dinner time

Here I pose!

Pose again!

Oh!!! I know you are almost fainted


Let us explore this Japanese Botanical Garden together!

I do not know what it is called but it's so special and cute.


Glorious view

The happiest time in this jungle was when I rented a kimono for non-stoppable camwhoring.

The kimono was quite big and long for me but they did have ways to make it fit for my body.

Do I look like a Japanese?

A refreshing and enjoyable walk


Rabbit Park got no rabbits?

I was so sad when I walked around in the rabbit park because I found many rabbits had wounds on their body. They didn’t jump here and there happily and didn’t like human to approach them and rather hid themselves somewhere. There must be a lot of visitors who hugged and threw the rabbits up and down so they looked so upset. I believe some brutal and violent visitors even abused the cute bunnies.

I can’t believe why this can be happened. They are too selfish. The rabbits are not born to be abused by us.

I didn’t touch any one of the bunnies because they all look so pity. I do not want to aggravate their depression level. I’m so good meh? One more strong reason for not touching the bunnies is ………............

I found the bunnies were very dirty and I was unable to tolerate with that after considering the hygiene factor.

Do you love bunnies?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm so sick with ANTIBIOTICS

I’m back from hospital. Thanks for all the caring comments.

This is the result. YES, there are spiral bacteria inside my stomach. I’m so depressive and sad.

These are what the doctor prescribed to KILL the spiral bacteria.

These big big and very-hard-to-swallow tablets are antibiotics that will make my mouth tasteless and bitter. I scare of the long-lasting bitterness. As a result, I need to take candies to neutralise the bitterness. Otherwise, I’ll feel like vomiting. I need to take about 10 candies during the four hours. And the antibiotics are to be taken twice a day. So I will take 20 candies a day and 140 candies a week.

It’s 140 candies, which is equivalent to my five-year candy consumption. I seldom take candies because I dislike high-sugar stuffs that will cause obesity and diabetis.

My body gets very weak after consuming these antibiotics. I just hope after one week of medication, the bacteria can go to hell so that I can say good bye to those antibiotics.

Friday, October 03, 2008

My first time.......

I've been suffering from gastric for about 5 weeks. Doctor advises me to do a stomach scoping to diagnose the causes. I will be admitted into hospital for an endoscopy on tomorrow morning. Endoscopy is an exam where, under mild sedation, a lighted flexible scope is passed into the stomach. Video can be taken and it will be recorded into a CD. This will be my third time doing the endoscopy.

I never stay in hospital except the time when I was just born. So this would be the FIRST TIME after I grown up.

How I spend my time from tomorrow noon until Sunday morning in Columbia Asia Hospital? I wonder whether they have WIFI.... Or any handsome patients will do......... HAHA.

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