Saturday, January 31, 2009

Italian + Japanese = Delicious Cuisine

One day, my friend brought me to Pasta Zanmai at Mid Valley to try the special food with the mixture of Italian and Japanese of cooking style and ingredients.

If you have a plate of pasta in Japanese style sauce topped with sashimi or grilled eel….. Hmmm…. Can you imagine how does it taste like?

Entrance of Pasta Zanmai

Grilled Scallops. (Comment: Mediocre)

Spaghetti with teriyaki chicken

Can you see the half-boiled egg? It makes me drool. (Comment: Others said it was good but for me, I don’t really like their Teriyaki chicken)

Unagi pizza

This pizza did taste heavenly delicious as illustrated in the menu. I super love the half-boiled egg and the seaweed they put on top of the pizza, which made the whole thing so perfect and special.

Unagi was grilled to the perfection and the pizza crust was so thin and crispy.

So far I have tried two types of pizzas here and honestly, I just love the way they baked it. It’s so special and even finger-licking good. If you do not know what to order here, just pick a pizza and I’m sure you will be surprised and impressed. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Try their baked potato as well!

A very good dining place for superb dining experience!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to school!


Ok.... I'm super busy during this Chinese New Year. Supposed to blog this long long time ago. Sorry!

I received the registration pack from ACCA two weeks ago.

I'm back to school after two months of hesitation. I'm unsure whether this is a wise decision. I'm afraid of examinations!!! Plus, I worry I can't cope with the heavy workload (2 times of my weight.. LOL) and the terrible examinations that will make me look 5 years older. The hard works, tension and sleepless nights will do magic on my face and very soon, I will have to use SAND PAPER to smoothen my fine lines and wrinkles.

I don't know how many sleepless nights I need to spend in order to pass the remaining 7 papers. I still clearly remember how did I do revision and die try hard to memorise all the definitions, concepts, formulas, elaborations and examples during my uni life.

Studying part time is not easy at all. The most difficult part is, I need to travel all the way from Seremban to KL every Thursday at 4pm (Yes, my company allows us to leave earlier for classes) to attend the extremely boring 3 hours class.

Anyway, this Chinese New Year holiday makes me so happy as it gave me chances to gather with my friends and spend more time with my loved one.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BDO's Annual Dinner 2008

A very late update...... Gomenasai.

I just recovered from fever and flu. You know what? I had been feeling ill (really ill) for one week and after few days of "resting in peace" without much eating and drinking, I lost 2kg weight. HURRAY!!!

I wish I could fall sick for one more time so that I could flatten my tummy (CHOI....).

Back to what I've promised you.....

My first annual dinner in BDO

I don't have any UN cultural costumes, so I only wore this.....

With white blink blink flower clip and pearls on my hair

I love this photo. Look super cute!

My 4 inches heel and diamante on my toes

Ice sculpture

Me and Wei Liang

Registration counter was so crowded

Many of them wore Chinese traditional costumes.

The pretty Indian lady is our office cleaner, with her sharp pink colour Sari.

Olivia and me

The ballroom that accommodated about 400 staffs

Anyone that you like and want me to introduce to you? Drop me a message if you are interested... LOL

From the left: Vivian, me, Debbie and Lilian

Me and Nic. Nic won the third prize of the Best Costume Award with his DIY special hat and modern Hawaian look

The girl in Korean costume won the second prize for the Best Costume Award. She got RM100 cash prize. Surprisingly, there was no staff wearing Kimono on that night, which I thought it should be wore by many ladies. Aiya, I should have rented one Kimono so I could beat all the contestants and walk away with the cash prize of RM800!

Lucky draw. I was not lucky enough to get the home theatre system, not even a RM50 shopping voucher.

Seremban staffs with Dato Gan

Someone bought me a Christmas and New Year gift........

Thank you. I love it so much.

Diamante is in the trend now!

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