Saturday, January 31, 2009

Italian + Japanese = Delicious Cuisine

One day, my friend brought me to Pasta Zanmai at Mid Valley to try the special food with the mixture of Italian and Japanese of cooking style and ingredients.

If you have a plate of pasta in Japanese style sauce topped with sashimi or grilled eel….. Hmmm…. Can you imagine how does it taste like?

Entrance of Pasta Zanmai

Grilled Scallops. (Comment: Mediocre)

Spaghetti with teriyaki chicken

Can you see the half-boiled egg? It makes me drool. (Comment: Others said it was good but for me, I don’t really like their Teriyaki chicken)

Unagi pizza

This pizza did taste heavenly delicious as illustrated in the menu. I super love the half-boiled egg and the seaweed they put on top of the pizza, which made the whole thing so perfect and special.

Unagi was grilled to the perfection and the pizza crust was so thin and crispy.

So far I have tried two types of pizzas here and honestly, I just love the way they baked it. It’s so special and even finger-licking good. If you do not know what to order here, just pick a pizza and I’m sure you will be surprised and impressed. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Try their baked potato as well!

A very good dining place for superb dining experience!


  1. waaaaah hao sui damn appetizing okay! :D

  2. i go there b4!just once! foods there r so nice!!!

  3. I wanna go to there also! I know the dishes there are nice!!!

  4. Unagi pizzaaa... i'm hooked

  5. i never try that~ hopefully got chance to go~

  6. lucky you, great food on cny! happy chinese new year!

  7. wow, I love foods too and not just noodles =)
    your photos make me hungry =) thanks for commenting.

  8. ohh..i pass by there quite some time but did'nt enter it for once..i think it should be super expensive and sumptuous meal rite?O.o
    but it really looks delicious!!^^

  9. the foods look yummy! :D

  10. Sai Ling: Price of pasta ranges from RM13 to RM26 i think. Pizza should be RM23 & above. Not really expensive.

  11. I'm drooling like Homer Simpsons when he thinks of food..anyway,thanks for dropping by my blog!never thought a stranger will read did u find my blog?feel free to drop by again and comment!peace,out!

  12. sometimes this sort of fusion food is bit scary, raw egg, spaghetti, oriental source......really scared lai see

  13. wow you look so sweet =)
    anyway those food look nice but i wonder if the taste same as those i used to eat in japan or not... still no one restaurant could satisfy my picky tongue =(

  14. waseh!!!

    Thats when the West meets the East!!!

  15. Japanese + Italian? That's something new. Remind me of the Korean series "Only You" where they combine Korean and Italian. Would love to try it one day.

  16. the foods look good..but the price not so good =___="

  17. Omgz...
    i like the half-boiled egg pics
    It is so awesome!

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  22. WOW!!! All the food looks delicious!! Especially the unagi one.


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