Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese New Year is over!

What I’ve done during this Chinese New Year?

span style="font-size:120%;">Apart from having sumptuous meals and “lou sang”; house visiting and gathering with old friends, I’ve finalised my budget for the year and started planning for the most significant change in my life (will tell you when the timing is right).

Some photos taken during gathering and house visit

Primary school classmates gathering at Oriental Seafood Restaurant. I was so happy to meet all of them, especially Beverly who came back from U.S.

The best news for this Chinese New Year is…..

I got my annual bonus and semi-annual increment despite the retrenchments and other cost cutting measures caused by the financial crisis. Hurray!!!


  1. Wow, that good news is really the best one! XD

  2. Tomorrow my company's MD will announce the variable bonus of 2008. Hope i can get a good news like you too!! :D:D

  3. I really love your long healthy tresses.

  4. How come dun hv "lou sang pic "
    one XD

  5. Really a nice and wonderful CNY :)

  6. wow the red outfit suits you =P

  7. sooo niiiiiiiceeeee!!!!!! i also want :(

    Valentine day sure got plan la hor ;)

  8. Hello Chederina my friend..belated greetings for the Chinese New Year! you have a very happy family. thanks for sharing the pics. see yah!

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  10. Ohhh...

    I got real tan when I was in M'sia!!! And the stupid jet lag was killing me too~~

    It's really happy to meet all of you~~ Wish we could do this again in the future :)


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