Friday, March 06, 2009

Busy Days

Auditors' life is so tough, I mean if you are working in big audit firms.

Deadlines must be met and queries have to be answered in the shortest time frame in order to avoid deficiency of time cost, which will in the end affect our performance appraisal.

Ok. This is just a short recent about my dissatisfaction towards my job. I hope I could bear with this for at least 3 years.

I don't know why I'm so emotional these days. I tend to lose temper easily and always feel insecure. Sigh.... Maybe I'm having pre-menopause symptoms rather than pre-menstrual symptoms.

But now, at least I can please and comfort myself by looking at the latest skincare products I bought.

Not because it's super good (I just started to use them).
It was a super deal!

This is what I get by paying

RM350 is the price for the advanced night repair protective recovery complex (75ml). This is the limited edition as the normal advanced night repair is just 50ml and it costs about RM280 if I’m not mistaken. See the free gifts I received!!!

Two advanced night repair eye recovery complex (5ml each). The selling price of a 15ml size complex is RM180 if you buy it at counter. Super happy!!!

One Hydra Complete (15ml) for combination skin, one eye makeup remover (30ml) and one Idealist (7ml).

Not only this….. I got a
FREE Vichy spring water worth RM20 and a small tube size sample of Vichy Normaderm Night Daily Corrective Care (Night) when I purchased the Vichy Normaderm Anti-imprefection Hydrating Care.

Oh my goodness. I wonder when I can get free ticket to Bali. Though the ticket I purchased was ZERO fare ticket, but I still need to pay RM80 for the expensive admin fee and airport tax plus the newly added luggage charge. I didn’t pick my seat because I just do not want to make Tony Fernandas richer. I want myself to be richer! I hate hidden expenses. And what’s more? They automatically put in the insurance when they calculate the total airfares you need to pay and makes you think that it’s compulsory to purchase the insurance. So at the end, you will still pay them if you do not know how to cancel the insurance.

However, I still choose to fly with Airasia because it’s the cheapest. Choosing Airasia can help to relieve my pre-menopause symptoms. What makes me feel secure? Cash in hand or cash at bank lo.

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