Friday, February 19, 2010

Pre-wedding photos (Part 4)

Hi, I'm back to work after my CNY holiday. So coincidentally chosen fifth day of CNY to start my work in this brand new lunar year. They said today is a super auspicious day for "hoi gong" wor. So I wanna wish myself abundance of wealth and health in the years ahead. I want "Fatt Dai Choi" lol.

I feel extremely tired because consecutively lack of sleep for one whole week. Every morning need to apply foundation to conceal my panda eyes.

Despite how tired I am, I will still remember to update my blog with my pre-wedding photos as I promised. This would be the last batch of selected pre-wedding photos.

Here you go! My PutraJaya outdoor pre-wedding photos.....

Super love this photo because I can feel the happiness. I actually requested the photographer to shot like this. Wow.... I'm such a brilliant!

Kissing on my left cheek

My hubby looked so handsome in this photo. Do you agree with me? Haha

Holding hands and climbing up together

Unable to open my eyes under the scorching sun

Love this scene especially the cloud

See the sun? But without its existence, we would not be able to take all those nice shots because good weather is the most crucial key for outdoor shots

The flying cloud is so damn nice!

Though this empire-cut gown wasn't that fit on me, but it looked surprisingly nice in all the photos.

A special shot with the green leaves as frame

Our neck was so tired after taking these shots as we needed to look up while the photographer took the photos from 1st floor of a building. Thumbs up for his hard work.

SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST..........................

This is the most meaningful shot. Also requested by me. I brought the rings and the red string and showed them how I want it to be done. Inspired by a Taiwanese wedding gallery.

For those who think I've done a really good job on my pre-wedding photos, I can just share with you all some tricks.

1) Despite which wedding gallery you choose, you must choose a photographer only after viewing their portfolio. This can give you a clearer idea on their photography skills and styles. This is the most important thing you need to do before shooting. A good photographer can camouflage your imperfections and take superb photos.

2) Spend time to do research and sort out what kind of photos you like. Some couples prefer funny and playful style but some prefer romantic and classic style.

3) Communicate your ideas with the photographer chosen. No one will know what you like if you keep silent. This is to avoid: "I don't like the pictures taken by the photographer because majority of the photos are close up shots" or "Why all my photos are so "leong beng" or look like those taken in 80s'?"

4) Try to get an experienced makeup artist if you think your face is not that easy to "kao tim". Before fixing the date for shooting, ask the person-in-charge who is the most experienced makeup artist in that wedding gallery. Experienced means at least 5 years and not 2 years k?

5) Tell the makeup artist what you like and what you would like to try. If you are so confident in your own decision that a particular hairstyle doesn't suit you, don't compromise with her suggestion as no one can understand your face shape better than yourself.

Hope the above tips can help you all and don't forget to thank me if you got your shots done beautifully after picking up my tricks. Haha....

What's next?

Finally got my actual day photos from my photographer. I know you all can't wait to view all the photos but please be patient ok?

I'll post the morning session photos and let you all see how the groomsmen being tortured by my gorgeous bridesmaids.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Pre-wedding photos (Part 3)

Everyone is counting down for going back from office to do last-minute shopping or last-minute housekeeping or maybe for a long holiday. I'm going to Jusco later to buy a Valentine gift for my hubby.

Not only my hubby can get gift from me, you all are also entitled for a precious new year gift from me!

Please scroll down and see what I want to share with you all!










Indoor pre-wedding photos at Keep Gallery studio

Putra Jaya osutdoor pre-wedding photos

My hubby loves this series of photos very much because it's so special and meaningful as we ran and jumped for these shots for more than 5 times just to capture a perfect series.

Yeap! It's my pre-wedding photos that taken at Putrajaya. Must appreciate it guys. I still have Part 4 to be posted when I think my daily hits is high enough to motivate me to post it k?

This would be my very first angpow-giving year. But I don't want those kids call me auntie ok?

I'm still a young sweet girl. Haha!

I'm now thinking what to wear during my CNY house visit and gathering to match with my new hair. Haha!

So, last but not least,

May all glorious moment celebrated in cheers in this coming Chinese New Year and wish all of you a prosperous and wonderful year ahead!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Registration of Marriage

Here are my ROM's photos. Planned to do my ROM on January 2010 but couldn't make it and at last we chose to sign the certificate on 25th December 2009 (Yeah! It's Christmas!). So my hubby can't give me any reason that he forgets our anniversaries in future. I'm such a genius!!!

Putting on the card with number

Queuing for march in before the ceremony starts

I looked quite pale because I just recovered from food poisoning

Reading marriage vows

Exchanging rings

The emcee asked all grooms to knee down and give the flowers to the brides.

Signing the valuable evidence of marriage

They should not invite so many VIP to the small stage because we needed to squeeze in. See, my father and mother-in-law stood so far away.....

The banner I am holding is the souvenir from the sponsors. But the small banner is poorly designed. My Photoshop skill is even better than them.

My two gorgeous sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law

So coincidentally met my friend in this ROM

We won the grand prize in lucky draw session! Since when I become so good luck? Must go and buy TOTO

I love this white dress a lot. Only wore it once for the ROM. BUT.... it's missing. I have searched through all my wardrobes but still unable to locate it til now. So sad :(

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pre-wedding Photos (Part 2)

These are all rejected photos, which means it's not going to appear in my pre-wedding photo album.

Scroll down for my indoor and outdoor pre-wedding photos.....

Outdoor pre-wedding photos at Port Dickson

Being eliminated because I covered his face

Love the sunset but as you can see..... This photo is too funny to put inside the album

I believe you don't want to see my big face all around the album right?

There are more to come........ But please wait patiently because I'm still trying my best to upload all the photos.
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