Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Full House

Went to this cafe at Niu Zhe Shui few months ago.

The lovely and sweet design of this café seems to be standing out from other restaurants or café in this area especially with their eye-catching mini car.

I love the interior decoration here simply because I'm impressed by the immaculate white setting.

I'm entering into a Victorian era

They are selling clothes and accessories as well.

Yummilicious cakes!

Food menu. But not much choices.......

The food here is just so so. Price is considered cheap for me.

Overall, it's a good place to "pak tor" because I believe most of the girls like this kind of cafe.


  1. Saw quite a no. of bloggers went to full house, keke...

  2. wow... you look so so so gorgeous!!! as if you are the master of full house =p

  3. I went to there before, the food not so nice lor...

  4. i went to full house For Last year birthday celebration.
    is a Nice Place to snap photo but both of us go nobody can help lo...
    the food like u said,,so so only la.

  5. ya~i like it~
    bt..no chance to go

  6. i also went to this place before
    food is not good
    environment is good

  7. Me Me Me!!i like that place even though i nvr been there~planning to go there with my bf and friends~^^

    recently so many post abt fullhouse..>.<


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