Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pre-wedding Photos (Part 2)

These are all rejected photos, which means it's not going to appear in my pre-wedding photo album.

Scroll down for my indoor and outdoor pre-wedding photos.....

Outdoor pre-wedding photos at Port Dickson

Being eliminated because I covered his face

Love the sunset but as you can see..... This photo is too funny to put inside the album

I believe you don't want to see my big face all around the album right?

There are more to come........ But please wait patiently because I'm still trying my best to upload all the photos.


  1. Wow nice... Have a happy and memorable marriage!

  2. You are so beautiful!!! Have a happiness and wonderful life with your hubby ya!

  3. u r so so so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
    u hav a nice wedding shooting ne!

    ok, wil waiting for ur more photo.
    when ur wedding date??

    i not yet gettign married la, juz in planning now ^^

  4. wow....rejected picies also so beautiful....
    i cant wait to see the actual album~

  5. wah~~! but..but still look nice!!!

  6. wow i loke 2nd and last pictures!!! you look extremely gorgeous!!! wonder if my future wife would be as pretty as you or not... @.@ lol

  7. Nice pics!! Did Eugene take your pics too?

  8. They all look nice actually, the jumping pic will be priceless many years from now, trust me.

  9. ~珊姑娘~: My wedding date was 23 Jan 2010

    saltvinegar: All photos at PD were taken by eugene. U know him too?

  10. gorgeous gorgeous!

  11. You really a beautiful bride o~
    So nice =)

  12. You are indeed a pretty bride! Very photogenic~

    And you also look like a Hong Kong Attress, 杨宝玲... She is also a very pretty girl..


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