Monday, March 22, 2010

The most painful experience

5 days ago, I experienced the most painful injury and got the most heartfelt concerns from my family and friends.

My left arm got burned accidentally by the hot coffee spilled out from the pot. It was damn painful and I started weeping from the moment I felt the pain. Then I cried like a child when my hubby sent me to clinic.

Doctor gave me some pain killer pills after seeing me kept on shedding tears and talked with trembling voice when he poked on the blisters. The pain killer pills really helped. No more pain 3 hours.

I forgot to take photos of my wound on the first few days as at those moment, only thing in my brain was “Would this leave me a permanent scar on my left arm?” But seriously, no one wants to see the reddish wound with huge blisters on it and surrounding skin looked exactly like deep fried fish skin.

This is how my wound on my left arm looks after 5 days. The giant blisters gone but left the dead skin on it.

To avoid scar, I refrain from taking eggs, chickens, and lots of foods as you know, eggs are always in the ingredient list of all the noodles, biscuits and cakes. So basically, I eat like a vegetarian now.

But thanks to my mother-in-law and our maid, they really take care of my food consumption and make special breakfast, lunch and dinner for me everyday.

Really hope to get some miracle cream or medication which can expedite the process of healing. Can’t wait to wear all my newly bought floral prints blouses and dresses for spring season.

P/S: Wanna say “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU” to my new family members (still considered new after 2 months?) as their caring messages and concerns really made me feel touched. Not to forget my best friend, Cheesie who got heart pain after seeing my wound.

I will take good care of myself. Will post the photos of my wedding banquet soon.


  1. it really very serious, better take care...
    wish u get well soon....take care~

  2. Hope you will get well soon! Take care of yourself ya!!! :)

  3. 希望你的手臂快快康复哦!!!

  4. OMG! Hope you get well soon... >.<

  5.'s really serious!take care!!

  6. Ouch~~~! tat really painful!! XD

    oh?! New member with 2 months?!
    wahhh~ congratuLation lol!! ^^

  7. luckily this happened after ur wedding day..>.<
    hope u get well soon..

  8. muz take extra care a..try vitamin e oilment after s skin recover..can help reduce scar..

  9. Ouch! That looks seriously painful!! I hope it's healing fast:)

    Thanks for coming by to say hi! I adore looking over your wedding pics, you looked so pretty!


  10. they are so nice.. hopefully all is well now ichigo! do take care ok!

  11. OMG~! r u feeling better now?

  12. Thanks for all your caring comments! I'm getting better now and skin is healing gradually.


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