Monday, March 08, 2010

^囍^ Wedding Actual Day (Part 1)

As promised, here are those essence of the BIG DAY. Pardon for my snail speed as I need to design my photos in half professional way in order to present it perfectly. I have too many photos to post and thus, I spent three days to arrange, edit and design them to make sure the flow of those photos tells you a story.


As you see from the above photo, I did the makeup myself… Yes, I’m serious! I didn’t get any makeup artist to do the morning makeup because I couldn’t find a GOOD makeup artist in seremban after FOUR times of trial makeup. Ok… I confess that I’m really a particular and hard-to-serve customer. I know 4 times sounds too much but without trying, you will never know how poor they are.

But I know a few which are not bad but they were all fully booked as my wedding day was a super auspicious day. Very “ong” til photographers and makeup artists were all full.

My wedding gown

Special thanks to (from the left) Moon, Sock Peng, Sook Jun, Cheesie, Lye Kwan & Jia Nan for being my bridesmaids.

Wanna kiss my best friend, Cheesie a million of thank you as she really helped me a lot. From choosing march-in songs, ironing out ideas on how to play with the groomsmen to applying fake nails on my fingers one by one in the early morning, she contributed her precious time and effort voluntarily and made me felt so touched.

"I LOVE YOU, DEAR!". Really wish I could help you more when you get married.

This bling bling nail art set with Swarovski crystals is given by Cheesie. She brought it back for me all the way from Japan. Somemore she put on additional crystals for me to make them shine to the maximum. Love it very very much.

This is a called "sweet in the heart" drink.

This game required the groom to express how much he loves me and what he would do to give me happiness...... til the ice cube melts. Haha..........

Reading loud ........

WTF! How come my bridesmaids let him to pass with this signature?

I gotta separate the morning session into Part 1 & Part 2 as it contains too many photos. I just want to maximise the ease of viewing because people will feel boring when the post is too lengthy. Agree with me?

Hope you enjoy the process of viewing.

STAY TUNED for Part 2.


  1. You had a wonderful wedding my friend!!! What a happiness face I can see that! :)

  2. agree with akira~~u r beauty when wearing de gown n all ur jie mui oso leng lui.....

  3. so sweet!!!
    I love your sharing here so much!!
    haha~~pity the guys side!!haha~~

  4. You're so beautiful!! Happy Wedding!

  5. Wow. That looked like a really nice and fun wedding!!! You looked beautiful! <3

    PS: Thanks for the comment on my blog, hopefully one day you can come out here and witness the wonders of winter for yourself! :)

  6. 有幸福到~~~


  7. Aww.. Feel so touch... :) :)

    Wish you bai tou dao lao.

    And hor, your make up is nice! Better than make up artist I would say. Simple & gorgeous.
    Make up artists tend to paint your face like 1 inch thick of ici.

  8. awww.. what a sweet wedding.. and most importantly you got lovely bridesmaid helping you throughout your most important day.. congrats ^^

  9. so sweet & beautiful ^_^

  10. wow so sweet!!! you make me wanna get marry right now.... 6hrs travelling on the plane? should be more than 7hrs la... at least japan needs 7hrs >< you can be the model of any bridal pictures... =p can be my partner hohohoho

  11. you are so beautiful! sweet!those games really funny..the marriage contract is prepared by ur hubby or ur bridemaids?

  12. Congratulation!
    You looked gorgeous in that wedding dress!=)

  13. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Great pictures and congratulations! You look so stunning! C:

  14. love you too! feel i could have done more for you!!!


    you look wonderful <3

  15. nice photography & ambiance..
    Congrats..u're indeed a beautiful bride

  16. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  17. all very nice shot and beautifully touched-up, as if they are really telling the story of your wedding.. cool~~ :)

  18. i like the marriage contract...hahahaha..
    you are very beautiful ..
    Happy wedding
    sweet sweet love...

  19. those pic are so nice. your make up is not bad also. Where u bought ur wedding gown? Who is ur photographer on ur wedding day? ;-)

  20. Agnes Sim: Wedding gowns were provided by bridal shop. Kevin loh is my wedding photographer

  21. Hi,
    Do you mind sending me the list of MUAs in Seremban? the good and not so good ones. You can also email me at: Thanks!


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