Tuesday, March 16, 2010

^囍^ Wedding Actual Day (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1, here are the remaining photos that's going to make you bored. Click the red cross button on your top right hand side if you do not wish to continue. But I strongly advise you to scroll down to find out more about my family.

Below is just a summary out of 400 photos.

My grandma

My lovely parents.

My uncles and aunties

My younger brothers

My niece. She is so cute!!!

My parents so coincidentally wore white. Matched my wedding gown!

Family portrait

No crying at all on that day.... cos from my new house to my parents' house is just 10 minutes drive.

We are ready to go!

"Bon, bon bon.... bon........."

Pray time

Tea time

My father and mother-in-law laughing happily

Entering my room!

Jumping high

Kiss me, kiss kiss kiss me.......

My gorgeous bridesmaids

Fun time with my bridesmaids!

Sweet sweet love............

Sweet sweet hug...............

Sweet ending

Love the way the photographer designed my story. I'm so satisfied with the outcome. Worth paying more to get him as my photographer. What do you think?

P/S: Pardon for my lousy narrations as I'm blogging this at 1am. My eyes are now half-closed and my hands are typing slowly. My mind started to float to somewhere which I feel so strange.


Although I'm overloaded with job assignments this week, but I'm so hardworking to work out the photos of my wedding banquet.

This is a photo of the making of my wedding banquet makeup and hairdo. It looked like ordinary but I was so surprised when my makeup artist completed the painting on my face and spraying on my hair.

Wanna know whether I looked like Miss World or Miss Ugly Duck? Be sure to follow me closely.

I guarantee to surprise you with my brand new bridal look!


  1. Run here run there, you must be tired after that, right? But I can see that your face showed happiness! :)

  2. wow so pretty one your pictures! who is your photographer, really nice story line he created !

    p/s: can see you can get many jewelry wow !

  3. wow nice... especially last several pictures ya... erm wish you guys all the best stay together forever =p

  4. You're such a beautiful blushing bride. What a blissful couple.

  5. i think you should very tired!! but it was fantastic!!! you are so pretty in all the photos!! :)

  6. Nice Nice :) Can feel the happiness from your post! :D

  7. Lovely photos! Whos ur PG?And i cant believe u did make up yourself. So brave!

  8. Enjoy your post :)

  9. amazing photographs, well taken.

  10. Akira: Yea. Damn tired. Once in a lifetime lo.

    saltvinegar: My PG is Kevin Loh from Bahau. I did my own makeup cos unable to find a good MUA :(

  11. Wonder who is the photographer behind all those nice shots!

  12. who is ur photographer? fantastic photos!

  13. Love the feeling of all your photos.

    It's really a great memory if can captured all happenings on the wedding day, too bad I didn't hire photographer for my own wedding day.
    *dies in regret*

  14. waa.. your husband house very beautiful.. of cuz the bride also beautiful.. keke

  15. congratulation... ;)

  16. congrate, sui jing jing

  17. wah now u got so much time to bloog!! very nice post though :D

    stoip blogging and be productive :P

  18. the kissing pic is so sweet~

  19. wow...cant wait to see ur brand new bridal look. I'm sure u will look like Miss Malaysia.hehe... The hair stylist is from seremban as well?

  20. 很羡慕你哦!也真诚的祝福你.

  21. whoa these pics are GORGEOUS
    love the dress. ur beautiful:)

  22. Gorgeous bride! I wish that one day I will have a nice wedding, sweet and warm like urs :)

  23. halllow!
    thankiew for the advance birthday wish :)
    actually it is on april. buahah.
    i love these photos! nice and sweet.
    congrats! *wink*

  24. Wuwu~~ I can feel the hangfuk-ness from your post. Also gandong-ness and happiness :)

  25. Seriously applause to the photographer to be able to captured every little part of your moment closely... Superb job...

    and I salute you.. as I doubt that I can be calm enough to do my own make-up for my Big Day... ^^

    What a Beautiful Wedding, can't wait to see more of it =)

  26. de kissing pic is sweet n beauty lol...i like it...although u tired but i tin all is worth 4 u=)

  27. nice pics, very lovely.. and congrats =)

  28. L.U.R.V.E. the story~~ Love everything as always!

    Truly is a wonderful wedding :)

  29. 照片拍得很美,拿来做纪念,很有意思呢!

  30. beautiful wife!hahaha..i like ur picture story~^^

  31. Wow, I love your photo albums! Gotta love all the pictures from your wedding, where did it take place? TW or Malaysia? The rules that your hubbie made up was priceless :D Best wishes to you and your family!

  32. Juju Aquamoist: THanks for your wishes dear :) All photos were taken in malaysia.


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