Friday, March 26, 2010

^囍^ Wedding Banquet (Part 1)

I know you all are impatiently waiting, so without any delay, let me present you the ONCE IN A LIFETIME WEDDING BANQUET STORY.


Started makeup at 4pm. I applied mask and kept my skin moisturized with ampoule and spring water before my MUA reached my house. So my skin was on tiptop condition when he painted on my face.

My MUA used good quality products such as MAC and DIOR to paint my face. Damn professional. Worth paying him so much!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng……………………………………………………….

Are you surprised with this bridal look?

All my friends and relative said I looked like a DOLL. I don’t really think so but what do you think?

Stage decoration with pink and white theme.

The reception hall

The red carpet walkway

Table number card- designed by my hubby

Guest list and guest book

I arrived very early to welcome and to take photos with my guests. Can’t waste the every single chance to camwhore with old friends and relatives.

My MUA, dressed like groom. This is his attire when he makeup for customers.

Chose this photo because I looked sweet. Haha…..

Why my boobs suddenly so big? Thanks to the design of the gown.

Friends calling me

My best friend, Cheesie. And many people ask me whether we are sisters because we look alike. What do you think?

Some of my colleagues

Ready to march in

Love this shot showing my long long layered gown

Food serving presentation

Slideshow presentation featuring the morning session. I was too concentrated on watching until I forgot to eat.

Performance by local stars

My “Dai Kam Jie” can sing well too!

I was at the back of the stage waiting for cake cutting ceremony after changing my gown and hairstyle.

TO BE CONTINUED......................

--> Want to know more about my MUA? Hmmm…. I will tell you only in my LAST POST of Wedding Banquet series. Do not hate me ok?

--> Want to see more photos?

--> Want to know my secrets on how to make my skin hydrated and silky smooth on my BIG DAY?

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More stunning photos are coming up soon!


  1. Sherlyn2:59 PM

    i love ur hair do so much, it is so cute and sweet! love ur gown as well i wish i will have the same gown for my wedding. ur package has 2 wedding gown? i dunno why my package has 1 wedding gown and 1 evening gown only. did u communicate with ur mua b4 about the hair do u want? ur mua did a great job!

  2. Sherlyn: Cos i signed up the package during wedding fair and thus they had special offer for me! I did tell my MUA about my preference for makeup and hairdo. This is very important!

  3. Sherlyn3:35 PM

    ur necklace and earring is ur mua provided or bridal studio? is bridal studio provide necklace, earring and hair accessories?

  4. Carrie,
    First time visit to your blog, what a happy thing to see.
    You look gorgeous that day..

  5. Sherlyn: All my hair accessories, necklace and earrings were provided by my MUA. Bridal studio does provide you one or two sets of accessories. But usually not that nice.

  6. wow, u r so pretty! congrats!

  7. You look so different that night! :)

  8. when i come here to read your blog!
    I will feel so happy!!haha~~
    happy for you and for everyone!!
    how a wondelfol blog!

  9. Wow.. looking great and gorgeous. I like the hair do and accessories & gown u wore. All these are from which studio?

  10. wenn : Thanks

    Akira : I agreed with u

    yvonne : All the accessories were provided by my MUA. This white gown was rented from a bridal gallery at Seremban

  11. Sherlyn4:59 PM

    i thought ur white gown are from kg? anyway it is so nice i like long gown.

  12. u look like doll!!!! i love the whole look so cute!!! u're the cutest bride i eva see lar!
    ur hubby so hang fuk!!

  13. pretty~pretty~
    like ur gown!

  14. lovely wedding!! i like your bridal dress, hair and make up, is pretty for u!

  15. OMFG! Carrie u r SOOO pretty!!!! CONGRATS for your marriage!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I'm coming to KL next month most prob 2nd 3rd & 4th april!
    I thought maybe cheesie, u n me can meet up to say hi!

    anyways just a thought. Lemme know what you think. Anyways... look forward in seeing more of your pics!

  16. congratulation!!!
    handsome and beautiful..:)

  17. U look very dolly, but in a good way. Like those barbie dolls in gowns.

    Sweet :)

    Can't wait to read bout the rest!

  18. i like de shot 4 showing ur long long layered gown....this pic is beauty...ur look is beauty too...

  19. u are so cute! ;-) tat gown is bought or rent one? very nice

  20. You look like a L.I.V.I.N.G. doll~~

  21. Congratulations and Best Wishes my friend. You are very lovely. Your groom is very handsome. I bet you are very happy and ready for the new stage of your life.


  22. are so beautiful...muahaha...

  23. wow wow wow wow....
    if i havent said enough before, you are really gorgeous =p glad you had a good banquet ya... i am so happy for you :)

  24. ooooh!! the photographer geng!!
    tat y all those pic is touch~!hehe~

    ya oh~~! ur friendz really look the same as u oh!!

  25. you DO look like a doll :D
    and i also love the back of your gown.. so gorgeous!

  26. congratulation!!!
    i love ur bridal look. it's so sweet and pretty.

    and i do find u n cheesie look so much alike ^^

  27. dblchin: Couldn't meet u up because I'm staying in Seremban and not going to KL this week. Somemore Cheesie is going to Japan on 2nd too. So sorry. Next time k?

    Agnes Sim: Rented from bridal shop

  28. OMG! I love the shot of your layered gown from back! Cantik sekali!

    Thumbs up for your hair and make up. U do look like doll :)

  29. 迟来的恭喜啊!




  31. Hi, i love all the photos in your blog, u looks pretty..... The bands was from Seremban as well? how much was it?

  32. where did u took your pre-wedding photo? From Seremban as well....

  33. Happy: Hi! Pre-wedding photos were taken at Putrajaya &PD. The bands costs about 2k++. Yup, they are fr Sban :)

  34. Anonymous11:08 PM ur blog...d purple dress is so sweet...btw, may i know which hall did u used for ur wedding banquet? coz i juz went to Loon Sing n they told me they have 2 halls...1 small n 1 big. how much u pay for d decor? =)


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