Friday, March 05, 2010


Promised you all to post my wedding actual day photos but I just realised that I missed out something very important.

I must blog this if not i will regret as these are all my BABIES.

Want to know how I make my BABIES? Don't want to tell you. Haha.

What are you thinking, huh?









Wedding rings

My first babies. They are twins! But one has a big shining mold on face. LOL

If you want to buy a perfect ring, you should first choose a diamond, then choose a ring to go with it. This is what I did! I finally chose the Heart & Arrow perfect cut round diamond and decided to take a four-prong setting ring.

When you look at a Hearts and Arrow diamond through a special viewer, you can see little hearts on the pavilion side and little arrows on the crown side. I couldn't stop viewing this icy-white stone when I just got it home.

Pre-wedding photo albums

My second babies. They are twins too! One bigger and one smaller but different skin colour.

I called them my BABIES because I involved in the album design since I'm a perfectionist. Some of the layouts designed by the wedding gallery were really below standard. I didn’t know how to play with layers in Photoshop before this but forced to learn it as I don’t want lousy designs appeared in my albums. I’m able to explore and find the right way to do all that within 2 weeks. It’s a miracle! But I slept at 4am almost every night in order to rush for the design.

So nothing is impossible ok?

Frame of 囍

Got this white photo frame from Ikea. I put a pair of wedding bears inside with some aromatic dried flowers and finally the 囍 word. Very special right?

Of course not to omit the "Ji Mui" photos. Love the cover provided by the wedding gallery.

Wedding invitation cards

These are all DIY cards. Nice or not? Guess who design for me?

It’s her. The gorgeous and brilliant bride! Please don’t vomit ok? LOL
I did all the design, sourcing of material, typing, cutting and pasting. I can’t believe that I can be so creative! I should change my job!

Hmmm…… One’s effort can’t be forgotten……..

It’s him. My lovely hubby!

He contributed a little bit in the design but 80% of paper cutting and pasting job were done by him. His cutting skill is unbelievable good and fast!

Our Private Haven

Let's have a glimpse of our taste of living.

Bedroom closet with a connecting couch + dressing table + canvas art cabinet + writing desk.

My secret treasure chest- 12 doors wardrobe with a rectangular display rack in the middle and a quarter round display cabinet on the left. Who says bedroom closet is boring and unremarkable?

This small rack with mirror is full with decorative items from all my friends. This is a great way to add personality to the overall space.

Wedding table lamp

Our comfy tatami bed and soft sheepskin rug. Can you see the square canvas portraits on my wall? Love them very much as they are so versatile til I can change the way to arrange it in many many ways to suit to my mood. Maybe next time I can put it inside my washroom.

Table lamp from Ikea

Wallpapering this Sony brand corner to enhance the beauty and individuality of our room. I fall in love with this white background with round silver shiny dots wallpaper.

Those Sony thingies are my hubby's babies. His collection includes PS2 (not in this photo) PS3, 42" LCD HD TV, DVD player, BlueRay Disc player, sound system and X Box (put in side wardrobe as he wants to make this as Sony brand corner). So I think he spends more than me in a year.

Dressing table, designed by me to put in all my accessories.

Racks inside our bathroom.

A basic yet comfy bathroom with a super big mirror specially installed for me! From the mirror, you can see my sliding shower door, separating the wet floor with the dry one. I don't like my legs get wet everytime when I enter into the toilet.

The room is 70% designed by my hubby and 30% by myself. Aren't we are good interior designers?

So now, you all know I had been busy making my BABIES for the past few months and that's why I was like a dead blogger. Baby-making mission completed and I'm now ready to blog more.

My wedding actual day photos will be posted real soon. I have about 100 pieces of nicely compiled and designed photos. So make sure you delete all the temporary internet files stored inside your computer to make loading faster!


  1. Wow, you both really had a good interior design idea! Love the way you designed the private heaven! :)

  2. The wedding invitation card is very nice...

  3. WOW! Eh can you please concentrate on making babies now instead of all these.... DAMN IMPRESSIVE THINGS?!

    Eh can I hire you both to handle all these things for me when I get married? Damn terror wei!

  4. ur house look so nice!!!
    just like ur own heaven!!
    So jealous!!

  5. Dear Ms.Cheddarina,

    Directed to your blog via MB. I've signed up KG too. After looking at your pictures, i'm quite confident on KG now. It's awesome~!

    But~~ There are few issues that sort of bothering me.. Which i forgot to clarify with KG =/.. Wish u could help and advise me ><

    1) Eugene or Benny is better? I'm thinking to pick Eugene but Benny is also good.
    2) The 'card' that framing 'Ji Mui' photos is KG standard? I remembered my friends 'Ji Mui' photos in 2008 are placed only into a transparent plastic.
    3) The photo poses in both album are different?
    4) The indoor and outdoor shooting is completed in 1 day or 2 days?

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused =)

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM


    Can I have the Interior design or contractor's contact that do your room reno please? Thanks very much!

  7. CiNdy[yUet-yI]:

    1)Both of them are very pro photographers. If u like more close up shoots, i suggest u take Eugene. If u like those creative photos with excellent scene, i suggest Benny.

    2)The card has two colors if i'm not mistaken. One is gold and one is metallic dark brown. I think they change the cover from time to time.

    3)The photo poses in both album are different because i chose 72poses in total. depends on what package u signed up and how many pcs of photos u choose too.

    4)Both indoor and outdoor can be completed in one day. One day can only change a maximum of 3 or 4 gowns. So it's about one gown for indoor & two for outdoor. I topped up another RM600 for one additional day shooting (they will provide 2 additional gowns). It can be indoor + outdoor or only outdoor-u can choose the location that u want as long as it can be done within 8 or 9 hours (inclusive of time for makeup).

    Anonymous: The interior design is done by my husband. He is a freelance interior designer. The carpenter we used is based in seremban. But i do not recommend you to use them as their quality of work is not good. May i know where is ur place of renovation?

  8. wow! ^O^
    every things are so complete & so nice!
    u r the very lucky girl!
    big congraturation!

  9. Awesome!!! Love your wedding, love your home, love everything you posted! Please feed us more!!!

  10. wow....i really like your private heaven...the dressing table is really a good idea...

  11. wow ... im suprise wit all the nice pic of ur heaven n ur wedding pic especially the 1 wit the red string .... where it ties u both forever !

  12. if i was a women, i would be a bit choosy. i also want diamond, blue or yellow diamond, :p

  13. hrm... i like the picture i trying to listen what is happening outside. so sweet. lol...

  14. hrm... i like the picture u trying to listen what is happening outside. so sweet. lol...

  15. so pretty onee... 12 doors closet !! OMG! where to find one of these?

    like the fact your little haven looks so cozy and comprehensive with good taste of matching of colours and furniture!

  16. is it ur new house?the design is so nice..and the invitation cards..u make it urself?wow..u really creative!很有心思

  17. Dear Ms.Cheddarina,

    Noted! Thank you so much for your advise!

    Btw, your Interior Design is AWESOME~~ Two thumbs up~~ ^^

  18. hey great shots...



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