Tuesday, April 06, 2010

8 Steps to great skin at any age

Interested to know how do I keep my skin smooth and radiant? Scroll down for my secret recipe that I've been practising for 5 months.

Remember that these tricks are also very useful for those who wanna keep their skin on tiptop condition always.

Step 1

Use make-up remover to cleanse your skin even you do not wear any makeup. This is to remove your sunblock and all the dirt on your face.

I ♥ the cleansing oil the best because it can wipe away all my make-up very fast and leave my skin very clean.

I know Shu Eumura's oil make-up remover is the best but it's just too expensive because the oil will not leave on my face for longer than one minute. So better save my money to buy the expensive serum and essence. Am I clever?

I'm now using Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil. It's result is just same with Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil which I think is good enough for my skin.

Available at SASA. RM49.90

Do not use the normal make-up remover to remove your eye makeup as eyes area are very sensitive and thus, extra care needed.

I recommend this --> Loreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

I've been using this for 4 years. It is so economic and working very well all the while.

Available at department stores and pharmacies. RM23.90

Step 2

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week. I recommend those with sensitive skin and acne-prone skin to use mild scrub or peeling gel.

I'm currently using Purifying Facial Peeling Gel from Legere.

This is gentle on my skin and of course dull-looking face and flakiness are washed away. However, this doesn't work magically like scrub with particles to tighten pores.

But not to worry this, I have something to treat my opened pores better. Tell you later.

Legere Purifying Facial Peeling Gel is available at 女人我最大. RM89.90

Step 3

Wash your face with your normal cleanser.

I'm using an USA product recommended by my skin specialist. RM55

Step 4

After exfoliation, use a deep cleansing mask as a step to clear all the impurities on your skin. You can skip this step if you have dry or pimple-prone skin.

I ♥ Clinique Pore Minimising Mask.

This wash-off formula clay mask is not suitable for those with dry and super sensitive skin. It is fantastic for minimising opened pores and that's why I can't live without them, especially after squeezing my blackheads.

Available at cosmetic counter at leading department stores. RM105

Step 5

It's time to hydrate your skin! Apply hydrating serum or ampoule on your face in circular motion until fully absorbed.

I know many people are very "kiam siap" when dabbing these essence on their face because one small bottle liquid can cost you about RM300 or more. But do you know that if you do not use sufficient amount, then the essence is unable to deliver the optimum results?

My all time favourite is LEGERE 100% Natural Hyaluronic Acid

This can also be used as ampoule for makeup purpose!

Available at 女人我最大. RM89 for one bottle of EGF serum & one bottle of 100% hyaluronic acid (it's super cheap!)

Step 6

Put on a hydrating sheet mask on your moisturised face. Make sure it is oil-free and non-comedonegenic if you have oily or acne skin. This is for optimum absorption and to quench your thirsty skin the best.

I recommend whitening and moisturising mask with fermented pomegranate essence from Skinfood. It's about RM16.90 per sheet. Or you can also try Neutrogena's hydrating mask for similar results.

Masks from Taiwan are not bad too!

When you remove the mask, remember to massage the remaining fluid on your face until it's fully absorbed.

Massage is very crucial to give radiance to your skin. Moreover, the correct way of massage can help skin for detoxification and thus, your face shape is lifted.

Step 7

Apply moisturiser. This is my thirsty skin relief! You can click here to see my review on this product.

Clinique's Moisture Surge

Available at cosmetic counter at leading department stores. RM135

MY last secret recipe.......

Step 8

Use this before makeup to instantly brighten and soften your skin. This Instant Bright Sparkling Mask from Cyber Colors is fantastic for providing a polished and glowing complexion.

Available at SASA. RM149

For best results, repeat step 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 everyday to achieve baby smooth skin for at least one month before your BIG DAY.

OK. Show you more photos to quench your thirst. Haha

Crytal clear skin formulas are revealed! So I hope you find this helpful and GANBATE on working out great skin!

Remember to share your tips with me if you find yours working better.


  1. thanx...sharing ur secret to us...

  2. That's why you can take care of your skin so greatly! :)

  3. wow...thanks for da tips babe...
    woman who's in lurve has natural radiant ;)...bride too :D

  4. Wah...so many things to use and to spend... >.< Pokai la me...hehe!

    We should drink more water and eat vege/fruits ar...

  5. Yea babe, is a shame I couldn't meet up with u both But there is always a next time!

    Anyways I love loreal makeup remover so much! They are so gentle to my eyes! Hurray for this awesome remover!

    U r seriously pretty! have a great married life sweetie!

  6. haha~~
    thanks for sharing but i dont know how to use all the things!

  7. and one more important tip...Sleep. Must get enough sleep :)

  8. do tis 8 step everyday?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. OMG~ u use tones of product to protect yr skin..haha~
    nice skin u hav =D

  11. reali like ur photo lol....super beauty.....

  12. wow..thanks for sharing! sometimes really lazy to do all the steps. :p

  13. Hi Carrie, I was at Small Kuching's place about to check out noticed your profile, and slammed on my brakes.
    Wow! Please allow me to say you sure one very traffic stopper attractive lady.
    And Carrie, you have a smile that can light up a city block....not to mention beautiful eyes too.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  14. Man Ching: No need to do all the steps everyday. It could be once a week for normal maintenance.

    Uncle Lee: Thanks for your compliments but honestly I look ugly without makeup.

  15. Good stuffs~~ And you do have good skin :)

  16. this is the correct steps to have great skin~
    and you can add one purifying mask from tifafine to remove your blackhead if you wish to solve your blackhead problem.

  17. Hi Carrie, beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. And thats where your real beauty lies.
    However, looking at your lovely pics here, allow me to say, if you were to hold a bouquet of dozen red roses in front of your mirror, you will see 13, *wink*.

    You have a nice day and stay beautiful, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  18. Wow your skin's really nice! Thanks for the tips :D

  19. NanLee11:03 AM

    hi, can I purchase lady & skin in Malaysia


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