Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I ♥ Tegal Sari

Went to Bali for pre-honeymoon but only until now I can have time to post my photos.

Tegal Sari is the hotel that we stayed. It’s located at Ubud, a remarkable town in Bali and it's about one hour from Kuta.

Our refreshing welcome drinks!

We stayed in a two-storey villa, Duplex. This is the most expensive room in Tegal Sari and guess what? It's just about RM260 for one night! Ok. Let the photos below justify how nice is this place.

This villa is very special because it is surrounded by paddy field and has only a toilet and an outdoor jacuzzi bathtub with separate shower at ground floor.

B (2)

B (3)
Rustic feel outdoor jacuzzi. Couldn't wait to enjoy my spa!

B (4)
Staircase to first floor

B (5)
Toilet at first floor. The glass door is semi-transparent!!

B (6)
Our canopy bed!

B (7)
Special decor for honeymooners!

B (8)
So romantic!

B (9)
So sweet!

B (10)
We chose to have our breakfast at the front balcony to enjoy the amazing view


B (13)
Uninterrupted breathtaking view of the paddy field

B (12)
The hotel staff who sent us the breakfast

B (11)
My hubby, a nature lover, indulging in this superb environment

B (15)
The view at side balcony. It's paddy field again!

B (14)
Absorbing the gentle beauty of the paddy field

B (17)
My first ever spa in a jacuzzi tub facing the greenish paddy field!

Now I bring you walk walk and see see around the hotel ok?

B (20)
Swimming pool

B (19)
Jumping high! I was too excited!

B (22)

B (24)

B (25)
Green green green!

B (26)

B (28)

B (31)
Lotus leaves pond

B (29)
Back to our villa and changed my favourite maxi dress for shopping. This is our villa front yard

B (30)
Photos taken by the friendly hotel staff after we checked out

Tegal Sari offers many cosy rooms with awesome view at very attractive rates. Check out the rates and room type HERE if you are looking for a hotel in Ubud.

If you want a tranquil and secluded retreat, Ubud is definitely a good choice.


  1. Wow wow wow!!! I'M TOTALLY ENVIOUS!!! So pretty the settings & u n ur hubby are so totally in love!

    I don't care hor, we must must must meetup the nx time! lol

  2. dblchin: sure.... will let u know again when I'm going to KL

  3. thanks for dropping by my blog.. ur pre honeymoon looks awesome. Bali is v nice. :)

  4. Wao so nice, I been there and I'm actually planning to go there again after my weDDing ceremony this year end. Thanks for the sharing :)

  5. How I wish I could be there too! The environment of the hotel is so nice!

  6. 那一张站在厕所门后的


  7. the place is beautiful!! somemore very cheap. super ♥

  8. wao...nice honeymoon,i wish have a wedding album shooting from here in future~

  9. pretty scene pretty lady~~~~
    love ur blog~~~
    link u oredy~

  10. omg... So sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

  11. Bali 目前是我去过的国家中,
    你们选的这间酒店真不错,充满 Bali feel!
    你的鞋子也很有 bali feel 哦!

  12. wow wow i like your pics!
    And you are so skinny, i wan fair and skinny legss! *cry*

    Bdw, gonna follow your blog. =)

  13. Your travel photos are really good. Been googling Danshui and came to your blog. I love to travel to and been to Malaysia many times. Happy blogging and traveling :)

  14. wah sehhh~ ^^
    Bali so syok leh
    i never been there b4 leh~
    hope i can snap some nice pics there when go visit ya~

  15. your so very cute the two of you.. So romantic.

  16. Hi can we exchange link? BTW.. you two are so sweet :)

    Just leave a comment on my blog if you are interested! More powers..


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