Friday, April 16, 2010

Hair tutorial: New hair in the simplest way

I told you all that I got myself a new hair in the previous post right? But actually you all are being cheated!

Scroll down to know how did I play cheat ok?

I had been thinking about getting a fringe but I was so scared to make the cut. Moreover, I forehead will grow pimples once my hair blocks the pores.

But, I managed to have a dolly yet stylish fringe without any worries. And I don't even need to step into a salon to get my hair done.


What you need is ..............

H (1)
Styled fringe. Come with two clips that can instantly transform you to a new look!

H (1a)
Comb your hair backwards and secure it with bobby pin

H (1b)
Then clip the bang and it's all done in less than one minute!

I LOVE IT SO MUCH because I can still style my long hair in the ways I want.


H (2)

Blunt fridge really made me looks dolly (provided that I enlarge my eyes to the maximum using all the guys-wonder-why-girls-must-use products and tools & most importantly the fake lashes... You see, my life would be miserable without these).

H (3)

H (4)

H (5)
Just tie a side pony tail and you chance another new look!

H (6)
Love this pic..... cuz my legs look so slim and long! wahaha!

H (7)
Want to be a limelight in a gathering? Put on a hairband and some hair accessories!

H (8)

H (9)

H (10)

H (11)

H (12)
Curl your hair, tie up a high pony tail and put on a big ribbon and you definitely look like model in magazines

H (13)

For your information, I bought this styled fringe at Berjaya Times Square (a shop selling all kind of bridal accessories located at 5th floor) for only RM20.

Faster go and get one so that we all can be kawai and chio together!

P/S: I'm still in the process of uploading my photos to flickr so i can relink them to this blog. BUT I found flickr is just so time consuming for linking the photos to BLOGGER as I need to copy the html code one by one. Can anyone please share with me is there any way to link the photos faster?


  1. You look damm cute with that hair style! haha~

  2. OMG! kena cheated >.< But looks nice and cute la :D

  3. very cute v this hair style!!look like hebe(S.H.E)

  4. cutecute!!
    bt i think it not sui me..T.T

  5. Sherlyn6:07 PM

    u look kawaii and younger with all the looks. ur wedding dinner first hairdo is that using this fringe also? i also ever think to cut my front hair but also worry regretted later. so with this fringe really convenient!

  6. haha~u look like a doll with this hair and eyes make up~kawaii desu neh!

  7. all de photo is pretty n cute lol=)

  8. Sherlyn: U are right. I used the fake fringe for both hairstyles in my wedding dinner.

  9. 垃圾魚-stacey: OMG! I look like Hebe? Tonight I can't sleep liao

  10. pretty gal, u look veli cutie ler^^

  11. wow look like japanese model!!! hohohoo kawaii desu ne :)

  12. OMG, so so cute!!! not sure is it suit me too??

  13. It's CUTE!!! And it's so affordable ^_____^

  14. Halo Carrie, is this one size fits all OR customiseable?

  15. WOW!!nice hair!!u looks very young and cute with it!and it is available at times square wit just RM20? going to look for it..can u tell me exactly the name of the shop?^^

  16. hey,pretty girl~ thanks for ur sharing^^

  17. I oso want the fringe!!!111 lol. Does the colour really closely resemble your own hair colour? The one thing I'm scared of is that later ppl can see its not real...

  18. Nice one!

    I like those thick fringe look but am not sure I can carry a bang as such.

  19. kiwi: Don't worry. They have few colors. You can have a look first

  20. look very kawaii!! :)

    well y dnt try photobucket or elsewhr, n u actually can right click n chose "copy image" and go to ur blogger paste it only. :)

  21. 你这样打扮起来真的好可爱哦!

  22. Ashley: The hair accessories can cover the fake fringe so it will look more natural.


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