Thursday, April 08, 2010

I just can't wait

See my left arm after 3 weeks!

The skin is healing gradually.

Read this if you want to know what happened to my left arm.

But I'm so impatient because I gotta wear like this everyday to hide my healing wound.

I just can't wait to hang out with my spring dresses. I have more than 5 new dresses sleeping inside my wardrobe now.

OK, I JUST CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! At least to wear it at home this weekend for camwhoring purpose to gratify myself temporarily. I can always hide my left arm or PS the scar away. *giggles smugly*

NEXT BLOG ENTRY................

I got myself a new hair!

And what's more?

I'm going to debut my first ever make-up tutorial in the coming post. Stay tuned and don't let me down ok?


  1. Ooooohhh, so pity.......pls tk care...
    wish ur arm faster recover so tat u can wear ur sui sui sexy dresses =p

    & i luv ur new hair style, suit u ^^

  2. u look like a doll so cute and pretty!

  3. Pretty new hair style ^^

  4. and ur wound :(
    hope it heal soon and leave no scar! must avoid o dao you! black sauce!

  5. Oh my what happened to your arm??
    Waiting for your next entry. Hehe :)

  6. Glad to see your arm slowly recover...
    Take care dear..looking forward to ur make up tutorial~

  7. Ur new hair look sooooooo cute!!!!

  8. Omgh...2nd time coming to your blog. Hope your arm will heal fast and wont leave any scars.

    Not sure good or not but can try drinking the Brands Ikan Haruan Essence. Good for healing wounds. I drank a lot of that after giving birth

  9. Luckily you are ok for now, but please do take care of yourself more ya!

  10. Waiting for your next post...

  11. I hope you have a speedy recovery! :)

  12. Oh dear! I hope you recover soon and well.

    I read your previous post about it too.
    I also heard that seafood(lobster,crab etc.) is not good to eat when healing a potential scar wound.
    Also, cover it from the sunlight!!

    Although, Im sure you know all of that already.

    oooh! excited for your next post! Are those clip-on bangs? or real??? In any case, you look adorable!

    I want to thankyou for your kind and supportive words on my last post. :) ..I know, I just stress out because time seems to be moving soo fast!!aah!


  13. wish you a speedy recovery then you can wear your spring dress ~! =)

  14. nice haircut really pretty! (:

  15. omg...speedy recovery my dear =p

  16. charm...
    u know~my sis also kena before ~But she no lucky then u,she kena 2 leg both~and sleep at hospital about 1month~and 2 month for walk...

    just because of a mee soup==

    u take care ya^^

  17. Poor girl. Hope you get well soon and leave no scar on your hand.


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