Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I started to dream of going to HOKKAIDO since Form 4, after tremendously affected by the Japanese drama series.

Why I love HOKKAIDO so much?

Because I hearts the shiroikoibito cookies, cheese cake, lavender ice cream, king crab, ramen and …… *goes on counting.

What’s more? Their unique and spectacular scenery took my heart away.

Below is the must-visit places when I dream about HOKKAIDO.


onuma park
This is a great place for you to enjoy the beautiful nature view!


sapporo beer garden
HOKKAIDO is the birthplace of beer in Japan. And the beer factory looks so much nicer than any factory in Malaysia.



It is a long covered shopping arcade which houses all kinds of outlets ranging from food, fruits, clothing, pet shops and miscellaneous goods.

I heard the famous 100 YEN shop is here too!


otaru canal

Otaru canal is extremely romantic when the gas lamps are lit at night. For those who hearts european style buildings like me, you will defiitely love Otaru handicraft street, where you can shop and camwhore non-stop.

You can find glass handicraft shop, music box shop, museum, art gallery, ice-cream, dessert and many souvenirs here! It's so COOL!


lavendar farm2
Falling in love with this huge Tomita Farm in Furano

lavendar farm

For lavender lovers, the best visiting season is mid-July because the lavender will burst into bloom, and paint the entire farm purple. Super dreamy, aromatic and romantic!

I hope to join the Nuffnang Project Alpha and how good if they sponsor me for the shooting in HOKKAIDO. Then I can be a super popular blogger and go for overseas trips without getting boss' permission for my leave application because I will fry their sotong! WAHAHA!!!

I think I dream too much. *Slap slap slap!

Ok. Back to reality. Have you watched Episodes 4-7 of Project Alpha Season 2?
You should watch this because my best friend, Cheesie is in the show!

P/S: Lavender temptation is truly irresistible. Thus, I’ve decided to fly to HOKKAIDO on this July with my hubby for our honeymoon. Just an excuse for me to go travel again!

I'll be flying by MAS on 17th July. See you soon, HOKKAIDO!


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  1. Tomita Farm in Furano is beauty lol~~after u bac then mus post many many pic then let us see.erm,wanna ask u,wer 2 see Project Alpha Season 2???

  2. Whatever the places in Japan are, they are worthy to go... :)

  3. a very beautiful place...^^

  4. they have really good caramel and seafood! yummy!

  5. I am envy... or should I say jealous... jealous MAX!

    I want to go Japan for honeymoon too! I want to go Hokkaido!

    Will Hokkaido be pretty in March? Just wondering...

  6. shhing_慧: You can watch the project alpha season 2 on my blog at the right hand side panel.

  7. YT: nothing much special in March cos ice started to melt and not much flowers there.

  8. siok siok siok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    how nice u!!!so sweet!!!!bali for pre-honeymoon...then honeymoon go for japan pula!!!yoooooo!!!hapi for u ne..
    enjoy ^^

  9. Bali's definitely a honeymoon paradise!!!

  10. yeah i have been to hokkaido in feb :) very nice!!! but if you like flowers... go there in may!!! hohoho

  11. Hi Carrie, I guess we all have our own dreams....and yours is beautiful....I love Japan.

    My dream is to be on an Island, preferable uninhabited and go fishing.
    I am happiest when holding a fishing rod.
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  12. 难怪你做了那么多功课啦!

  13. WOW thats so nice places to visit! enjoy ur trip at thr! :) hey i love ur blog too. its pinkish! :D

  14. woah!what a great place..
    remember bring back lot of picture, ya..
    first time been here! like it...


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