Thursday, April 01, 2010

^ 囍^ Wedding Banquet (Part 2)


You better love me because I decided to make this long post as my last post of my wedding banquet series, which means I will reveal who was my MUA for my wedding banquet at the end of this post.


Changed a sweet and lovely violet modern princess gown

Cake cutting ceremony

Champaigne Champaigne, we share our joy and pain under the sun and also in the rain

Ready to "yam seng"?

Oh, my friends all said my hubby looked like Korean.

I fall in love with these set of bling bling accessories provided by my MUA. They matched my gown so perfectly!

This is the evening gown that I love most. Special hourglass design with crytals, beads and sequinnes become the focus of this gown

OMG! Why I opened my mouth so big?

Really love the small dazzling light bulbs surrounded the "Billy & Carrie" words on the stage. But they were too big for me to bring back to hang on my bedroom wall. What a waste!

Let's "Yam Seng"

"Yam Seng" table by table. We only drank plain water and no one spotted because everyone wanted to take photo with me. So who would care what you drink?

My only mission in this wedding dinner was to take photo with every guests that we invited

The dinner finally ended at 11pm. I was so unwilling to say goodbye to my guests as I haven't finished my camwhore session with my dear friends

Of course not to forget my lovely dad & mum

First time saying thank you for countless time

Family portrait. Did you notice that my hubby's hair style was exactly same with my brothers?

My younger brothers

Camwhore with Cheesie to the max!

This fisheye effect made my hubby's head so BIG!

Almost forgot our bunting at the entrance


I spent ONE hour to detangle, comb and wash my hair when I got home. Heartache after seeing countless hair falling. This is all the price to pay for the beauty.

That's why you seldom see me tie up my hair (And I'm also very lazy for that). Haha.


For those who are so keen to know who was my MUA and photographer on my wedding banquet, here's the answer.

Makeup Artist

Name: Eric Chong (Ambridge Cottage, Melaka)
Contact number:012-6360586/06-2812668

Eric Chong and his sister, Agnes are both famous MUA in Melaka. And he came all the way from Melaka to Seremban after doing a makeup for Amber Chia at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. So it was quite expensive since I had to pay for his transportation charge.

But it's all worth it because the accessories provided by him were all so classy and elegant and I believe most of the bridal shop couldn't beat this. In addition, his makeup skill is unquestionably good.


Name: Kevin Loh

Contact number:012-6546668

Kevin is a photographer from KL with high creativity and professionalism. I'm so satisfied with the photos and slideshows he did.

Kiss me with a million of comments saying thank you ok?


I'm going to reveal my secret formulas for SMOOTH and SILKY skin on my Big Day (Past) and also the small day (Present- as I found my secret formulas works very well and I still continue to practise to achieve flawless complexion).

Hey girls (or guys if you are interested), pls do not forget to visit me again if you long and determine to have velvelty smooth and radiant skin.



  1. Salute to your make up artist and photographer! They really did a great job! :)

  2. aaaa~~~
    you look so pretty and i love your post here!!!
    nice blog!!haha~~~

  3. u r so so so so pretty!!!!reli dunno how to say it, pretty!!!!!!

    u choose a nice gown!have a nice make up, nice dinner & sure a ncie husband, hehe ^^

    congratulation to u ^^

  4. Perfect matching couple!

    U looked great in the pricess-inspired gown. Not everyone can carry a sweet look and u definitely score it!

  5. that purple dress is super pretty and sweet ! and your makeup very nice, u looks so dolly!

  6. perfect makeup~

  7. 美美美,美到无法用言语来形容哦~~

  8. utterly pretty, cute and sweet!!! I like all the dress and gown & accessories you wore.. d photographer and make up artist did a great job!!! im sure u have a sweetest wedding ever :) stay sweet

  9. Alright! Awaiting your tipssss...hehe!

  10. your make up and hairdo is really really A.W.E.S.O.M.E~
    Love your makeup and hair do so much!

  11. u r so pretty n slim!!
    so cute !

    the purple gown so beautiful~

  12. carrie you are so elegant.
    I like ur smile~

  13. Cantik sekali....
    you looked so amazing and pretty...
    like princess or queen...
    is so grand and nice wedding....
    and your makeup artist did a good job...
    i copy down de phone number oledi...i felt the most important thing for bride is make up....


  14. Soo pretty :) You look very traditional :D I could never pull off dresses like that :p

    Congrats! You look so happy :)

  15. wow wow wow...
    you are gorgeous..

    Btw, a big clap to your MUA and photographer

  16. 郎才女貌,很美的结婚照片,老公和摄影师你都选对了!恭喜。

  17. you look so charm~! congratz to you~! wish you have a happy marriage~!

  18. u look adorable with ur stunning dresses! beautiful photos!!

  19. aaaaw, you look so beautiful:) Best wishes to both of you!

  20. You are gorgeous! Your gowns were beautiful as well! Congratulations! :]

  21. Muaks~~ I guess you choose a superb location!!! Love all the yum sheng pictures~~

  22. wow the wedding cake is so HIGH!!! nice wedding banquet!! i want my wedding as grand as yours!!! gotta work hard and earn more money for it hehehe

  23. 新娘子漂亮极了,连新郎都这么帅,看呆了!祝新婚快乐,甜甜蜜蜜,早生贵子。

  24. i like tat 2 of ur dinner gown. Very nice. ;-)

  25. Lovely couple. Congratulation!

  26. You're such a pretty bride! :D & Congratulations, the pictures really turned out great, you and your husband really complement each other! - A really good looking couple :)

  27. u look so princess :)

  28. Anonymous12:07 PM

    You look so beautiful... Congrates.... Btw, may i know which restaurant was that in seremban? Looks good...

  29. Anonymous: It's Lucky Palace Restaurant opposite Jusco S2

  30. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Thanks Carrie.
    Could u pls tell me more about the restaurant?
    1. The backdrop design & the LED lights - Are they provided by the restaurant?
    2. How was the food presentation and taste?
    Actually i have visited this restaurant last sunday, but the environment is not as good as urs. Really need ur advice and comment on this restaurant. TQ....

  31. Anonymous:

    1. Backdrop design and LED lights are provided by a third party, which was recommended by the restaurant. It costs abt RM2k ++ or you can look for your own stage decor company and pay them to do it.

    2. Food presentation was ok but just a bit slow cos that day all the halls there were full. Overall, the food wasn't bad. The fish and sharkfin soup were nice!

  32. congratulations ! you look so fabulous in your pink wedding dress, just wow. :]

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. hai..i love ur make up...perfect!..hehe...hmm..can u tell me how much did MUA charge u?..

  35. can u email me ( so that I can reply you with the makeup package?

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  37. Wow that is so beautifull wedding pohotography modern princess gown
    thanks for share such pics

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