Monday, May 31, 2010

Hair bun tutorial

Before this, I thought making a hair bun was tough like mission impossible.

My disobedient, long & thin hair would look like shit when I tried to make a bun because I just failed to secure the bun from sagging even though I had used countless bobby pins.

But now, I can make a hair bun within 2 minutes without any bobby pin.

Want to know what has transformed me into such a brilliant hairstylist?

The answer is ………………….

Scroll down and you will find out why

First, tie a high pony tail, as high as possible so your bun won’t make you look like obasan.

Backcomb your hair to create volume.

Twist and hold your hair as shown above.

The most crucial point ……….

Metal hair bun fixer (actually I don’t know what it is called because this is a present from Cheesie which she bought in Japan and the packaging is in Japanese!)

This is really a magic tool!

What you need to do is just put this magic tool as shown in the photo above.

Then pull down (outwards) the round part of the metal fixer and push it upwards so that it hides inside your hair. Hide the leftover hair with bobby pin if there's any.

This magic metal hair bun fixer secures the bun like you have used hundreds of bobby pins.

Somemore you can adjust the bun size by pulling your hair.

So it can become like this.

Yea, I put on my fake fringe again! Click here if you want to know where to buy a fake fringe and how to wear it.

And the most convincing photo is this………

My pretty hair bun still stays in shape after yoga pose.

This is awesome right?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

All the best of the day

Just a short update! I'm super busy with some super exciting stuffs!

Went to KL last weekend to meet with Cheesie to help her to iron out the tax computation stuffs and of course to shop to the maximum!

Hang out with Cheesie at TCM & The Curve and see what I got!


Ikura chawanmushi @Sushi Tei

This is my first time trying to eat so many of Ikura.


Tried on a few wigs and camwhore with Cheesie at her condo. I love her Olympus camera so much! Thinking to buy one for my Hokkaido trip.


Rainie Yang's hair. Nice or not?


Slim fit pants, denim maxi dress and some rubbish bought from Daiso.

It's time to go home for my dinner. Bye!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mani Piece

Did you notice that I've changed a new spring look header? You better like it because I spent a lot of time doing this. I think I need to get a Photoshop teacher. Any volunteer?

I wanted to update my blog but my internet was down. I'm now still waiting the complete upgrade to a faster internet connection speed. Don't know when it can be done.


Bought myself some new nail colors at Elianto and I was so eager to try it out.

Actually my nail art skill is super super bad (I always got grade C for my drawings during secondary school). Somemore, I’m a lazy bug and not patient enough to sit and paint for one hour to give my nails a makeover.

Let's see what this lazy bug can do with her nails ok?


This cute monkey was helping me to blow dry the nail polish! Next time I shall buy those fast drying nail polish! I’ll get irritated easily when I need to stop doing my things to wait for the nail polish to dry out.

See my end products after 30 minutes!


Black and white …... A perfect combination to match with all my office wear.

Due to my poor drawing skill, those pretty flowers are all stickers which I just need to stick and apply a top coat.

Hurray! Felt extremely sleepy after doing this honestly!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Jimbaran & Grilled Seafood

It's BALI post again! I love all the photos taken at Bali because it's truly a beautiful and romantic place. I need to forget how hot Bali is when saying this.

One of the must-dos when you are in this romantic island is to dine at Jimbaran seafood warung on the beach where one can enjoy the catch of the day.

Arrived at Jimbaran before 5pm. So I could have a walk on the beach and most important thing was..... camwhore like mad under the scorching sun

Jimbaran (2)
Stretch of seafood restaurants on the sandy beach

Jimbaran (3)
I could hardly open my eyes to take photos and was unable to view the photos on the LCD screen on my camera as the sunshine was too strong!

Jimbaran (4)
Super love this photo which was taken by our driver

Jimbaran (5)
Pretending that I love the sun

Jimbaran (6)
Say HELLO to wave!

Jimbaran (7)
I spotted pretty lady!

Jimbaran (8)

Jimbaran (9)
There was huge sacrifice behind these beautiful photos

Jimbaran (10)
My hubby was drawing a huge LOVE for me

Jimbaran (11)
Our names, our love and our stories

Jimbaran (12)
This looks like pre-wedding shot

Jimbaran (13)

Jimbaran (14)
BBQ corn. Tasted different from what you can get in Malaysia. But it’s just sweet and so delicious!

Jimbaran (15)
Early birds got the seat at first row! So we could have unobstructed sunset scenery and it was just too great for taking photos!

Let's see the beautiful paintings of sunset!






Jimbaran (16)

Jimbaran (21)
Live band music will be played by the local musicians from table to table when the sky becomes dark. What you have to do is just sit back, enjoy your dinner and listen to the musics!

I really fell in love with this place for dinner because having the grilled seafood while watching beautiful sunset is such a great enjoyment. And not to forget to tell you that, the seafood were tasty too!

The breeze, wave, and romantic candlelight created a nice ambiance, thereby making this as my best dining experience in Bali.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

FREE Freshlook Illuminate daily disposable color lense

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So, you will look charming like this with Freshlook® Illuminate.


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What’s more?

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Who is the WINNER?

SCROLL DOWN for the result of my first ever giveaway contest!

Maybe my instructions on how to participate in this contest were not that clear because all the participants did not leave their email address in my comment and thus, I'm now unable to email the winner for notification. I think I gotta study and make improvement to encourage better participation for next giveaway.

THE WINNER ..............



Agnes, please leave me your email address at my comment box.

Gotta take my shower and sleep early for my six hours class at KL tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT!


I managed to learn how to make real nice hair bun finally after so many many attempts in few months time!


Wanna know my secret?

Stay tuned!

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