Monday, May 31, 2010

Hair bun tutorial

Before this, I thought making a hair bun was tough like mission impossible.

My disobedient, long & thin hair would look like shit when I tried to make a bun because I just failed to secure the bun from sagging even though I had used countless bobby pins.

But now, I can make a hair bun within 2 minutes without any bobby pin.

Want to know what has transformed me into such a brilliant hairstylist?

The answer is ………………….

Scroll down and you will find out why

First, tie a high pony tail, as high as possible so your bun won’t make you look like obasan.

Backcomb your hair to create volume.

Twist and hold your hair as shown above.

The most crucial point ……….

Metal hair bun fixer (actually I don’t know what it is called because this is a present from Cheesie which she bought in Japan and the packaging is in Japanese!)

This is really a magic tool!

What you need to do is just put this magic tool as shown in the photo above.

Then pull down (outwards) the round part of the metal fixer and push it upwards so that it hides inside your hair. Hide the leftover hair with bobby pin if there's any.

This magic metal hair bun fixer secures the bun like you have used hundreds of bobby pins.

Somemore you can adjust the bun size by pulling your hair.

So it can become like this.

Yea, I put on my fake fringe again! Click here if you want to know where to buy a fake fringe and how to wear it.

And the most convincing photo is this………

My pretty hair bun still stays in shape after yoga pose.

This is awesome right?


  1. Thanks for the tips wor :)

  2. so nice n beauty the hair....

  3. can't get this thingy in Malaysia yet. haha

  4. Hehe, I like the last pic! :)

  5. practice make perfects! =D

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I'll give it an awesome! The yoga pose is pretty awesome too. I think my back would crack.

  7. Where can i have the Metal hair bun fixer ?

  8. nice hair bun and i really like ur fringe wig.. :)

  9. 我的天地: I dunno where to buy except Japan. Maybe you can try Ebay?

  10. i should try to get one of these and do the hairbun thingy one of these days.:D

  11. Still seems tough for me... I am just not talented in all these vain stuff :(

  12. u r so cute after have the bun hair style on u^^

  13. Nice hairstyle! I like. =D

  14. 你真会打扮哦!简单又美啊!

  15. sibeh hot!! Hair and model and pose!

  16. aw...i need longer hair though. i could never seem to leave my hair growing. and the hair tool looks cool, wish i knew where to get one.

    you never give up on your dreams, honey. second place is good enough.

  17. nice, but my hair is too less, i cant make a big bun like urs. :S

  18. I need that tool... Gonna ask my friend to get that for me :p

  19. eh your this yoga picture can be poster for fitness first liao ~ very nice !

    the hair bun fixer nice ah, hope they sell it here !


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